What Is Hair Botox & How Safe Is It For You?

Hair Botox is the anti-aging treatment of hair. This treatment transforms your dull, dry hair into smooth, lustrous stress. It is a nourishing treatment that locks moisturizer in your hair.

Generally, hair experts perform hair botox after washing your hair with shampoo and in dry hair. In hair botox, your hair experiences a deep conditioning chemical-free treatment. Your hair gets nutrition, including protein, vitamins, essential oils, and antioxidant ingredients. The botox is sealed into your hair with a flat iron. After the treatment, you’ll get an indulging hair look.

What is hair Botox?

We all know that Botox contains botulinum toxin, but the interesting fact is that hair Botox doesn’t have botulinum toxins. Hair Botox rejuvenates each fiber of your hair and provides volume, smoothness. It is a deep conditioning method that coats each hair fiber with keratin. The treatment compliments your hair fiber’s damaged or thin area to make your hair stronger and healthier.

A hair Botox filler contains protein, lipid, amino acids, vitamin-B5, vitamin E, collagen complex, essential oils, and carrier oil, BONT-L peptide. The ingredients may differ from brand to brand.
Hair experts generally recommend Botox treatment in the following cases:

  • Damaged hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • For straightening
  • Spilled-ends
  • Thinning hair, lack of volume and luster

Generally, Botox treatment is safe for all kinds of hair.

Benefits of doing hair Botox treatment

The Botox treatment is more suitable for your hair than other chemical treatments that damage your hair. Hair Botox contains fillers that have a deep conditioning formula enriched with vitamin E, lipid, and protein. The component used in botox treatment is gentle to your hair, eliminates frizz, straightens tresses, repairs damages, removes split-ends, and improves hair volume.

Hair botox is a chemical-free (formaldehyde-free) deep conditioning treatment. Here your hair is coated with fillers to eliminate breakage, split-ends, and damages. The therapy also provides a good straightening effect but not like permanent chemical-treated straightening.

Step by step hair Botox treatment

If you are interested in experiencing hair botox treatment, read out here step by step to get an idea of the regular season.


Firstly hair will be washed thoroughly with mild shampoo to eliminate oil build-ups, grime, and dirt. Here shampooing plays a vital role in washing out extra residues in hair and opening up the hair cuticles. Hair experts never use regular conditioners followed by hair wash.


Next, your hair experts sectioned your towel-dried hair for botox treatment. Next, the Botox filler will be applied thoroughly from root to tip and leave them for 45 minutes. After that, your hair is washed off with a sulfate-free hair cleanser.


After washing your hair, dry it with a blow dryer, then straighten it with heat to seal the treatment in each hair strand.

Although home botox treatment is available in the market, experts recommend the salon get professional care to avoid hair damages. The thing you need to remember, your hair botox treatment is semi-permanent. It lasts for two to four months.

Is Botox treatment safe for your hair?

Botox is an anti-aging hair treatment that increases the strength, volume, and appearance of the hair. There are two types of botox treatment present in the market: topical botox and injecting botox.

The topical botox does not contain botulinum toxins at all. It is designed for topical application to fill in the flaws of your hair fiber. It is a deep conditioning treatment to nourish your hair.

However, injecting botox (real botulinum toxins) is made to inject botox into the scalp. But the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve it for hair treatment.

Topical botox treatment is safe for your hair because it strengthens your hair and gives indulging effects. In this treatment, botox contains protein, peptides, amino acids, anti-oxidants, collagen complex, and lipids. The blended ingredients work as a filler for your damaged hair. A single session of topical hair botox offers more youthful hair, But hair experts do not recommend this treatment more than three to four times a year. Frequent hair botox treatment may show a reverse effect.

As earlier, we said botox injection (contains natural botulinum toxins) on the scalp isn’t recommended by doctors because it is a short-term solution to get frizz-free hair. But at the end of the result, the toxins are absorbed by the body and get into your system.

Is hair Botox suitable for all hair types?

Yes, hair botox treatment is applicable for each type of hair. The result can instantly be more visible in dry, damaged, dull, and curly hair. Because it now adds shine and volume to your hair. For more details, you can get in touch with the hair and skin clinic Dubai.

Experts prefer hair botox treatment more than keratin treatment because the botox doesn’t contain formaldehyde.

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