Gym 101 for Newbies

Going to the gym for the first time can be daunting but that first step in the door will be the most proactive thing you will do on your journey towards getting your fitness and health in check. If you’re very concerned about becoming a gym goer, then take the time to find a gym that meets your needs.

Research them online, see what facilities they have and even phone them up to ask about making a non-committal visit. We also generally advise people to take on the help of a personal trainer who can tailor some food and fitness plans around exactly what you require. The better tailored the plan, the more chance there is of you sticking to it. Another tip we recommend to newbies is to bring a friend. That way if you feel like not going to a gym session, you are less likely to leave you friend down and stay committed to your training plan. People take on the gym for different reasons and it isn’t always to lose weight. It can be to improve strength, agility and overall fitness. Find your gym and you’ll soon find your path to a healthier lifestyle. Check out the infographic below that outlines Gym 101 for Newbies from the guys at The Intelligent Health.

Gym 101 for Newbies

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