How to keep your minds healthy amid these testing times

Coronavirus; I know for a fact that by now you hate this word because we have heard this one so much so that personally, my ears hurt, not literally of course. This virus has made huge and much worse changes in our lives, careers, education, and health. Even if we are not infected with the virus, the virus is somewhere is parts of our body; in the mind and it has affected our mental health. I am from India and when the government imposed a complete lockdown over here, we, I mean I and family, used to stay inside homes watching covid news updates all day and it severely affected our minds and instilled fear within us.

Isolation, bereavement (of fellow country people), unemployment, or work from home, and fear of getting infected had increased the levels of mental health conditions. However, in these testing times triggered by this highly contagious virus, we need to ensure healthy mental conditions. But how? Well here are the points that we need to take care of or must implement in our lives to ensure a healthy and fresh mind.

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Watch good and positive movies, web series

What you watch is what you feel like. I believe that movies, web shows distract you from reality and its harsh nature, especially in these times. However, we must watch the news for our daily updates, but watching the same news for the whole day would be torture for our mind. Therefore, whenever you feel stress, or too heavy, watch positive and good movies because it will help you relieve some of the stress.

Exercise, work out

An early morning work-out is magical, it not only refreshes your mind but keeps your day bright and active. Not only this, when you wake up early in the morning and witness the beautiful sunrise, you will feel the wonders of nature. Exercising makes your body fit, when you become fit, you feel good about yourself. Exercising also reduces your stress hormones from the body.

Read books

Likewise watching movies does, reading books also distracts you from reality. It rather teaches about various things you can travel across while sitting on your chair. Therefore, reading books is quite essential if you want a distraction in life and want to learn some new words and about new places.

Play indoor games with family

There’s nothing even better than spending quality time with your family. We are so busy in our lives that we have forgotten to spend time with our families and then we complain that we are lonely and no one cares for us. If we would allow someone then only, we would be able to be happy surrounded by people who genuinely love and care for us. Playing indoor games with family is an opportunity to interact with them and create our happiness.

Visit your friends ‘at home’

If the situation in your city/state/country allows due to covid-19, then you must visit your friends, or relatives more often and get nostalgic about the happy times. This is the best way to escape your mental issues, so much so, that you would even forget that you have an illness.

Video call to the close ones away from you

Likewise, I mentioned in the above point, if the situation at your town does not allow you to go out more often, then you can do a video call to bring everyone close. We tend to be so occupied in our personal lives that we don’t even find time to go anywhere since everything is digital nowadays, even casual meetings can be on digital platforms!

Yoga, meditation is the key!

Believe me, your mind needs it badly even if you don’t agree at all. Yoga and meditation is a technique to alter the stress levels of a human body as it calms down the nervous system and lowers the cortisol level (stress hormone). Since yoga helps us work with the nature of our mind, it helps us control and manage our emotions and behaviours. A licensed psychotherapist Ashley Turner believes that yoga is the key element to psychological and emotional healing.

Listen to music you love!

The kind of music you listen to, expresses your mood. If you listen to sad music, you become sad, if you listen to rock music, you feel like dancing, therefore, if you listen to happy music, you become even happier and this is how music is believed to be a band-aid to all our pains.

Invest time in what you love

We are so busy indulged in our work-life routine, that we have forgotten to perform activities we used to love. I remember how life used to be so stress-free when I used to invest a little time doing painting, reading a book. So can you even today. Try and invest your time to something productive, or something you once loved extremely.

Author Bio:
Garima Aggarwal is an aspiring content writer and she is working for TABSCAP. Being from the journalism background, she has been into content writing for 2 years and she is passionate to write about topics related to lifestyle, health, and digital marketing. She loves photography, and anchoring and is improving her hands in both fields.

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