Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Pregnant Women

Taking care of yourself is always the priority and it is even more pronounced when you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. Focusing on a good diet and a healthy lifestyle is vital for you and your baby. A healthy pregnancy and a healthy lifestyle always go hand in hand. Healthier lifestyle choices and working toward healthy body weight often inspire women who want well-being for themselves and their baby who has not even come to this world.

During and after pregnancy a woman usually becomes very weak. To take care of your baby, first, you need to take care of yourself. You probably know some basic pregnancy advice about taking care of yourself and the baby! Drinking and smoking are strictly restricted except that getting complete rest is the first thing to do. Here are the rest of the tips to help you increase your chance to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

1. Take a nutritious diet


Adding good protein sources in your every meal is supportive to a baby’s growth. Fresh fruits and vegetables especially that contain iron like cherry and vitamin C like oranges. It keeps the mother and baby from getting attacked by any bacterial germs. Folic acid (vitamin B) helps prevent any birth defects in a baby’s brain and spinal cord. Also, egg, fish, meat, beans and nuts should be added to your routine.

2. Take prenatal vitamin


Your doctor will recommend to you the prenatal vitamins that are easily available at any pharmacy. It’s all one solution to fill any gaps. Any vitamin deficiency if it is in the mother, prenatal vitamins will support the health. It supports the baby’s growth and development. These also help in preventing neural tube irregularities and anaemia.

3. Stay hydrated


Dehydration can cause maternal complications, headaches, dark and concentrated urine. Your body is going through a tough phase and it needs water to calm. Eating juicy fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumber that contain a lot of water. You can even have milk, juice, soup, coconut water and all that contains a lot of water.

4. Take your checkup appointments seriously


As your seventh month starts, nausea, anxiety, headaches increase and it becomes difficult for you to control your emotions. And visiting the doctor becomes a tough job. At each visit, the health care provider checks if you and your baby are doing well. Call your parental care as soon as you get to know you are pregnant and for the rest of the appointments she will set your schedule. During pregnancy, the body has to go through many challenges and it might get disturbed. Regular checkups note the health of the baby, and mother so she doesn’t have to bear any difficulty during birth.

5. Take care of your emotional health


You won’t even notice and all of a sudden your mood swings will affect your relations and health. If you want to say something, discuss it with your family. Most of the time you share your thoughts with your spouse. Talk to them. Tell them if anything is bothering you, you are not happy with something or anything. Find your happiness: sing, dance, cook, bake, listen to the songs, get some fresh air, do what makes you happy. Destroying your emotional health can affect your baby’s health because when you are not happy your body will release the negativity and it can leave an impact on the growth of the little ones in your womb.

6. Do not stick to your bed


Some doctors suggest bed rest for things like growth problems, high blood pressure or vaginal bleeding. Unless your doctors don’t recommend bed rest during pregnancy, move your body whenever you like. It helps in the proper and healthy growth of a baby. You can continue your job, house chores, walk around the garden, and look after your pet. Enjoy your complete sleep hours, you can also use pregnancy pillows to get a comfortable sleep and for the rest of the day don’t pretend you are sick. Healthy moms have a healthy baby.

7. Exercise


Exercise has always been the eternal solution to anybody’s aches and health issues. This time you are not getting fit for yourself but you have a responsibility for your baby too. Practice light exercises that don’t affect your baby. Walking, swimming (in your early stage of pregnancy), riding a stationary bike, yoga, low aerobics and strength training that will make your muscles and bones stronger to recover quickly after the birth process.

8. Wear comfortable clothes


Comfortable clothes mean that air gets to your body. Clothes that are not too fitted, clothes that do not require much care. During your pregnancy, you usually don’t like anything around you, not even your clothes. Wear maternity clothing, choose baggy clothes, oversized shirts, loose pyjamas that do not stick to your body. Your hormonal activity loosens up ligaments and increases the capacity of the chest and abdominal cavity. You can buy maternity clothes from online stores like Momcozy, Motherhood, Mama Way and many more at discounted price from the comfort of your home. If you choose to wear fitted clothes they will interfere with the physical changes of the body and cause discomfort.

9. Wear comfortable footwear


Women often have swollen feet during pregnancy. They have gained weight and have problems moving around with aching feet. Find a pair of soft and comfortable footwear that has a soothing thick soles. Flat shoes are also the reason for swollen feet. Also, massage your feet daily and rest your feet in a warm tub of water with salt. Wearing high heels would generally not be a good idea because your body weight has gained and your centre of gravity has changed. It will make you walk differently and uncomfortable. Better find thick sole shoes that are soft and comfortable.

10. Learn about stress and anxiety management


You cannot escape from the anxiety and stress during your pregnancy period. When your body is changing physically and also internally it will directly affect your mind and emotions. Better to surround yourself with the things that will help you feel relaxed. Body massage is one of the most recommended things that will relax your mind. Your favorite chocolates, candies and snacks should also be with you every time. You can even have a pet, so you get something to play with and this will also give you help you know how to take care of your babies.



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