How to Beat Overeating Easily

Indulging in unhealthy foods is the favourite past time for most people, everywhere. But considering that two/thirds of the world’s population are overweight, perhaps people enjoy the foods a bit too much.

So why can’t we stop ourselves from consuming too much unhealthy, fatty and sugary food? How do we beat overeating? Is there an easy way to beat mindless munching?

Well, if you are one of those “overweight” individuals that can’t seem to control hunger, you first need to learn why your body is craving more food rather than being fuller, longer?

How Hunger works?

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Well, when your stomach is empty, it releases a hormone that experts called “ghrelin”. This hormone interacts in your brain with your neurotransmitter “NPY”, which triggers your desire to eat.

Once you satisfied this desire by eating, ghrelin levels will immediately reduced and your hunger will go away naturally.

In contrast, after eating, a different hormone called “leptin” is released from the stomach and fat cells, and then it interferes with your NPY neurotransmitters, which turns off your desire to eat.

This might seem a simple explanation on how to beat hunger right? Well, if that is the case, why can’t you say no to that slice of cake, sugary ice cream or your favourite chips?

Why You Still Crave for More Food?

Most food psychologists and health experts believe that in the past, energy-rich foods such as those with lots of sugar and fat are not easily available, which made ancient people to take advantage of these types of meal for survival.
As a result, these foods became extremely desirable.

But in today’s world, you can get a high fat and sugary meal at any given place and time.

So what’s the difference?

Well, the instinct and desire still remains the same, which makes it very difficult to stop eating these meals. Why?

Recent studies show that continuous of fat and sugar intake (food stimulation) overrides the regulatory system of ghrelin and leptin.

The signaling pathway is insufficient to control your desire and new diet, which clouds are ability to eat healthy foods and choose wisely.

This is a continuous problem. The more unhealthy food you eat, the more you desire food, and the more you gain weight!

Beat Overeating by Taking Control of Your Hunger Hormones

Most people are thought that regular exercise and diet are the only keys to weight loss and better eating management. This simply is not true based on the latest weight loss studies.

The best way to beat overeating is to control your hunger hormones, which is the main culprit of your uncontrollable appetite.

You goal is to fix your body’s appetite controls while working with your natural hunger and weight loss hormones to beat overeating easily and permanently.

As mentioned above, ghrelin is your primary concern as it is a powerful hunger-stimulating hormone. On the other hand, leptin is your ally as it works to suppress your appetite in the brain.

Other hunger hormones that can affect your appetite are dopamine, cortisol and even sex hormone estrogen. Your genetics also affects how these hormones work.

So how can you control your hunger hormones? Consider the following tips:

Eat a High Protein Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a busted myth when it comes to weight loss. Yes, this habit don’t work and will put more burden on your appetite.

People who don’t eat breakfast often makes a sudden shift to experience powerful morning hunger relatively soon after they adopt a breakfast habit.

Why? Because skipping breakfast leads to ghrelin hormone level increase. Eating a high protein breakfast helps stabilize appetite for the entire day.

Eat a Lot of Omega-3 Fats

Salmon and DHA-fortified dairy products can greatly increase your dopamine receptors and dopamine levels.
Plus, omega-3 fats also provides additional health properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes and can help improve leptin sensitivity.

Keep Yourself Physically Active

I am not referring to exercise alone (though it is also essential) but getting busy on alternate activities can get your mind off a hunger state for a certain period of time.

It has benefits beyond just distracting yourself from foods. Activities such as yoga or meditation can help increase your dopamine levels, while providing pleasure and reduces stress hormones.

Take Appetite Suppressants

There are a lot of appetite suppressants in the market today that can help you overcome overeating.

These supplements are from “natural” ingredients that are proven safe and effective in controlling your hunger hormones.

No, I am not referring to synthetic drugs such as ephedra or phentermine, but those pills that are considered a great alternative.

Here is a sample appetite suppressant that is proven effective in keeping ghrelin levels from rebounding temporarily.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping provide tons of health benefits for you, and that includes better appetite control.

Studies suggests that people who get less than eight hours sleep than what their body needs, achieves a sudden spike on their ghrelin levels the next day.

Make a Habit to Pack Your Own Healthy Snack

If your job forces you to go too long between meals, then you might be more prone to indulge on high-calorie foods when you eat.

This seems to be normal as we tend to desire foods in-between-meals. But what can you do to avoid mindless snacking?

Plan ahead and pack your own healthy snack!

Healthy snacks include fresh and dried fruits, nuts, whole wheat breads, tuna or salmon, vegetable juice, rice cakes and dark chocolates.

Follow a Regular Exercise Program

This is not in contrast from what I mentioned earlier. Physical activities can truly help increase your levels of satiety hormones, while reduces leptin resistance.

Any regular physical activities will surely keep your cravings at bay.


The information given above will help you to beat overeating easily without following a restrictive dieting regimen or any intense exercises such as weight lifting.

Remember that knowledge about hormones can bring the outcome between weight gain and weight loss. Beat overeating by controlling your hunger hormones effectively!

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