How to remove blackheads using a 5 step plan

Many of us are interested in issues such as the best method of removing blackheads using simple hacks. Of course, a lot depends on your skin type but there are productive and interesting ways to remove blackheads using a 5 step plan.

What are Blackheads?


Let’s, first of all, decide what blackheads are and how we can recognize them on our face. So, blackheads are a fact of life but they are most common when the skin is oily. They are usually related to the teen years and puberty, but many people suffer from blackheads as adults. They are mainly funded on the nose and around it. Blackheads are large, open pores with oily nature that has oxidized from the air leading it to turn black. Actually, it’s not dirt. It is simply oxidized oil that you can remove with the help of the following steps.

Step 1:

Since there is no magic mask or procedure that will easily lift blackheads out for your face you need to go for professional and useful techniques. Warm steam is the number one thing you should opt for to lift blackheads out. It will raise the temperature of your skin and make it softer and more flexible. You must do a facial massage to “melt” the hardened oil within the pores. You can do it, for example, after a shower. All you need for it is cellophane/plastic wrap, washcloths, facial tissue and heavy moisturizer. After showering, apply a thin coat of heavy moisturizer and then cover the area with cellophane/plastic wrap. Apply a hot washcloth on it for about 5 minutes. Use two wash clothes to make the process easier. Remove the plastic and keep the skin moisturized. Wrap tissue over each forefinger and gently squeeze to remove blackheads from the skin. Finish with the best collagen moisturizer.

 Step 2: Use Salicylic Acid to keep pores clean.

This type of acid is one of the best and most effective ways to get rid of blackheads and prevent their future occurrence. This miracle ingredient will become your best friend when you see the benefits it offers. It will not only clean your pores but also renew the skin cells, rebalance the skin’s natural pH levels and exfoliate. Skin care products with acids might include cleansers, which you can find in cosmetic stores. Before using any cleanser gains blackheads make sure they are gentle and do not contain SD Alcohol 40 or Denatured Alcohol. Avoid using any acid-based products for at least 24 hours after professional or DIY manual extractions. After a few days of constant regular usage, you will start to witness the amazing results from this awesome ingredient.

Step 3: Prevent the oil from oxidizing so that it won’t turn black.

This step is quite important especially when it comes to lessening the appearance of blackheads. Antioxidants used in skin care products are very useful and effective. They increase the collagen production, decrease the effects of free radical damaging, and as the name suggests, they prevent oxidation. The best ones are vitamin A and E. Avoid using vitamin C products if you notice that the color has started to turn brown or black as it’s an indication of oxidation. Also, include antioxidants in your diet, as a natural way to prevent blackheads.

Step 4: Exfoliation.

This step is crucial in eliminating blackheads and keeping a smooth complexion. Exfoliating at least twice a week will do wonders for your skin. It will remove the dead skin cells and open the clogged pores. This way you prevent the future breakouts, but also eliminate the existing ones. You can use skin care products with gentle to mild exfoliation, or make your own, homemade exfoliator. This DIY scrub is simple and requires 1 cup of sugar, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of jojoba oil, and few drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix all of the ingredients and use the sugar scrub two times a week. Always use a small amount on a wet face, massaging in circular motions. The homemade blackhead scrub will revive your skin and give a healthy glow.

Step 5: Manual extraction

By manual extraction, we don’t mean squeezing the blackheads with your fingers. There are many effective blackhead extractors and removers on the market, so invest in one. These useful tools will help you remove the black spots in just a second, with applying only a tiny pressure around them. Before you start extracting, sterilize the remover and sanitize your skin to avoid infections. When you are ready, place the loop of the remover around the blackhead and use a light pressure. Make sure you clean the whole pore and don’t leave anything behind. After the cleaning procedure, sanitize the extractor and face once again. With this tool, you will easily remove any blackheads, without an aggressive pressure and skin damaging. Use the blackhead extractor when needed.

While these steps require time and effort people who have oily skin and always struggle against blackheads should keep up with it as there are not easy ways to get rid of blackheads. This is the most effective plan that provides with the best result. Try to consult with a professional aesthetician to identify the state of your skin and then make sure you have chosen the right plan. You can learn many DIY methods of removing blackheads but it’s essential to be confident about its harmless nature.

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