8 Proven Ingredients You Can Use to Treat Internal Bleeding

External bleeding is easy to be noticed and proper treatments can be applied to stop it, but the situation is more complicated and dangerous when the bleeding happens internally. So what is internal bleeding?

Internal bleeding can be understood as the loss of blood that happens inside the body, in tissues, organs such as lungs, stomach, kidneys or in cavities of the body such as head, chest, spinal…  Internal bleeding can only be found by medical tests. However, these tests are mostly carried out later than it should be, because the symptoms of internal bleeding are hardly detected visually.

These symptoms may not be clear in first several hours of bleeding. Only after a large amount of blood lost, or if a blood clot is big enough to make damage to an organ or mess up its functioning, internal bleeding then could be recognized.

Some of the most popular symptoms of internal bleeding are dizziness, hypotension, bloody urine, circulation shock, cardiovascular collapse or heavy breathing. Never get easy with these, because that if not treated timely and properly, internal bleeding can become deadly serious.

It should be highlighted that internal bleeding is likely to happen to everyone: accidentally through traumas like traffic accident, crushes, falling, stabbing, physical assaults, or gunshot.

In issue of counter-measures, there are amazingly natural remedies which can help to treat internal bleeding. Some of them as follow should be kept in your hand and mind in case of this annoying matter.


  1. Aloe Vera Juice
    Aloe Vera’s miraculous healing abilities goes beyond skin conditions as most people use it for, it is also a worth-mentioning herb to treat internal bleeding.
    With its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera proves effective in reducing inflammation inside the body and strengthening the immune system for faster healing.
    How to use:
    •    Extract the juice from fresh Aloe Vera leaves.
    •    Drink ¼ cup of the juice 2 to 3 times a day before meal.
    You can choose to add some drops of citrus fruits such as lime, lemon or grapefruit for better result.
  2. Birthroot
    Birthroot’s benefit in internal bleeding can be attributed to the high concentration of tannins and saponins. These two contents contain powerful anti-inflammatory and anti- hemorrhagic properties, which help stop and heal internal bleeding from menstrual bleeding to bowel hemorrhage.
    Herbalists usually use the roots and rhizomes to treat hemorrhage, but if you are pregnant, do not use this herb as it is likely to cause miscarriage.
  3. Shepherd’s Purse
    Shepherd’s Purse gained its popularity as one of the most effective remedies for internal bleeding, thanks to its strong styptic ability. Externally used, it does wonders to stop bleeding from open wounds and nosebleed. Studies have showed that shepherd’s purse can constrict the blood vessels, thus reducing the blood flow and promote healing process.
  4. Witch Hazel
    For hundreds of years, witch hazel has been used as one of the most amazing astringent to treat internal bleeding. High concentration of tannins and oils are responsible for constricting the blood vessels, drawing tissues together and reducing inflammation. Witch hazel is often resorted to when it comes to vein injuries, nosebleed and ragged wounds.
  5. Probiotic
    Several studies pointed out that probiotic is a key player to stop internal bleeding, especially in intestinal hemorrhage cases. Probiotic provides relief from inflammatory bowel moment, repair the mucosal lining and intestinal. One undeniable benefit of probiotic is that it boosts the body’s ability to heal itself.
    However, instead of taking probiotic capsules, you should take it in powder form because weakened intestines or diarrhea can mess up the absorption of probiotic.
  6. Wild Geranium
    This amazing herb is home to North America where its roots are popular as a great remedy to stop internal bleeding. Wild geranium contains a considerable amount of tannins and saponins which are of excellent astringent and styptic properties. Bleeding in digestive tracts, irritable bowel syndrome, excess menstrual or vaginal bleeding can all be improved with wild geranium
    However, wild geranium should be taken with caution if you are pregnant or constipate. A doctor should be consulted to avoid unexpected effects.
  7. Yarrow
    This small yet powerful plant flourish everywhere, surviving any kind of weather and soil to provide surprising treatment for internal bleeding, it is a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent tannins which constrict as well as strengthen the blood vessels, prevent inflammation and infection, thus faster the healing process.
  8. Ginger
    Famous for its warming effect, ginger is another wise choice to treat internal bleeding. Packed with anticlotting agent, anti- inflammatory and antiseptic properties, ginger is perfect to treat internal bleeding in recovery phase. It increases the blood flow and frees the arteries from blood clots.
    This effect of ginger also is proven effective in preventing heart diseases caused by blood clots that can set off a heart attack.

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