Can Plastic Surgery get affected by the Time of Year

The need of facelift might just be much needed in summer time or in winter. So can the bulge and sagging pouch of your tummy be in need of an urgent Abdominoplasty. But does the time of year with falling leaves or blooming flowers have anything to do with Plastic surgery?

One of the most common questions asked by patients visiting Crispin Plastic Surgery Center for plastic surgery in Atlanta is; when is the best time for cosmetic or plastic surgery?

Yes cosmetic operations are planned according to seasons but the reasons are not linked to seasonal effects, rather these are individual concerns. December is the most favorite time for people to go under knives as most of them are off for holidays.

And it’s recommended by surgeons even to plan cosmetic surgery according to seasons for maximizing the results. The benefits of undergoing of cosmetic surgery at certain time of the year also allows appropriate time period for recovery, concealing of scars and swelling, and provides a getaway to those who want to avoid telling people.

In the surgical world, this is termed as “prep and deceive”. Planning beforehand enables you to make incidental changes as hair color, make up, or clothing. We have listed seasonal recommendations for your surgery as follows.

Seasonal Surgery Preference #1- winter (Mid December thru March)
Universally, winter is an ideal time for getting any type of surgery done. Proper time for rest, bulky and loose clothes for camouflaging obvious changes, and no direct sunlight exposure are some reasons why December makes for the best surgery time.


  • Winter clothing helps conceal changes
  • Major holidays of the year are during this time
  • Slow time for businesses around the world as well
  • Best time for avoiding strong sunlight
  • Time of New Year to take a new start

Recommended Surgeries:

  • Facelift, brow lift, Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty
  • Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, body contouring
  • Breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction
  • Laser surfacing

Seasonal Surgery Preference #2- spring (April thru June)

Summer season is equally busy for cosmetic surgeries. People plan and prepare for getting surgeries done during this time so they can get in shape before the same time next year; summer parties, beach, vacation, and weddings.


  • The climate in some regions is still cool enough for concealing perfectly
  • If you have kids, it’s their time to be at school
  • Spring holidays and long weekends
  • Ready for next summer in best shape

Recommended Surgeries:

  • Body contouring
  • Breast surgery
  • Facial surgery

Seasonal Surgery Preference #3- summer (July thru August)

Just enjoy the summer during this time. This will not be the perfect time for surgery, unless summer vacations time is for you to recuperate. A good reason however can be, staying indoors completely under the air conditioner, because sun and heat are simply not the right sites. If you have no air conditioning place then avoid getting the surgery done during this time. Scar that gets tan will stay tan and will become more prominent.

Recommended Surgeries:

  • Minor procedures; fillers, botox etc.

Seasonal Surgery Preference #4- fall (September thru Early December)

An active summer will set you on the track of being in the ideal weight for maximized success results. You will be in the full recovery mode for the coming holidays.


  • Winter clothes to conceal
  • In perfect shape for holidays
  • Long weekends

Recommended Surgeries:

  • Body contouring
  • Breast
  • Face and nose

Cosmetic surgeries when planned according to seasons can give you time to prepare for a specific plastic surgery and plan accordingly. If you are a smoker you can take time to quit on that and get yourself in the perfect health condition. However, do keep one thing in mind that your preparation and strong will is important for successful surgery, but so is the surgeon important.

A board certified, expert and friendly surgeon can help you achieve great results and keep you motivated. Surgeries will make you go through depressions and anxieties, where the presence of a support whether family or spouse is very important-in such scenario the surgeon allows you to act strong. Choose wisely and enjoy good results.

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