The Dark Truth of Plastic Surgery

Beauty has always had a very high value in our society and has always found a special place in the society. In fairy tales and general literature beauty is always associated with a protagonist character while ugliness is always associated with an antagonist character. There are many texts in ancient history that are associated with deeds of beauty such as nose jobs staring in India in 800 B.C, or tightening corsets in the Victoria era.

Although plastic surgery has been in our past, but it has only been accepted in the present era. There are thousands of advertisements and television programs that promote plastic surgery. Hence the general public is becoming more and more familiar with the ideology of plastic surgery.

These advertisements have not only created a sense of beautifying the body but also improving the quality of life. People are brainwashed each day into getting their bodies undergo the process of plastic surgery and hence improve the standard of living and their quality of life. Plastic surgery promotes implanting silicones in the body.

People think that plastic surgery will improve their personal as well as their professional lives. While presenting yourself and having a decent appearance is always aesthetic and important, but the plastic surgery industry has created a sense that appearance dominates every other ability of individuals.

In ancient India, plastic surgery was first started with rhinoplasty i.e. also known as nose job. This was due to the fact that nose mutilation was practiced as public punishment during that time. Hence at that time, an unattractive nose was associated with an immoral character.

While nose, is only a tiny part of the body, it is the first thing that people notice these days and is an important part of the human body, in terms of beauty. A couple of years back, plastic surgery was a big taboo, and people used to change their names, and hide their identity to get plastic surgery done because they were embarrassed by it. But according to many newspapers, more patients are seemingly becoming interested in following these procedures.

The numbers of patients that are ready and wish to undergo this treatment are increasing exponentially. Most of the plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery is promoted by reality television shows, where they all follow a common practice of taking an unhappy ordinary individual, transform his appearance and then make him successful. People think that after they alter any of their body part they will achieve nirvana, but this state is usually just temporary.

It may give them more confidence or boost their self-respect but this emotion is nothing as compared to other achievements such as winning a trophy in sports after giving a tough fight and working hard for it. People, who think that plastic surgery will improve their overall lives, tend to get shattered when plastic surgery doesn’t improve their lives and deceive them.

These days even parents on the recommendations of their doctors are willingly asking their children to undergo the process of plastic surgery. Some of the individuals tend to feel pressurized by their soulmates and their partners and are asked to look younger and attractive.

Plastic surgery is very common amongst celebrities. These celebrities are sometimes idealized by their fans and hence are followed too. Most of the target audience of the advertisements are young people. Hence, the teenagers and the youngsters get influenced from these advertisements and decide to get plastic surgery done.

They even fight with their parents and guardians to get it done. Young people these days prefer beauty over intelligence. Plastic surgery in a ways is diminishing the variance of appearance of individuals.

These days it’s not surprising when you see two completely different celebrities from different parts of the world who look alike. This is all because of the plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is no longer a taboo and does not have any sort of negative connotation.

To conclude this article we can just say that every person has the right to achieve happiness, but buying happiness at the sake of altering their natural appearance is just foolishness. The happiness achieved by this treatment may increase your confidence but it will never be permanent and it will always leave you with a sense of insecurity and paranoia.


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