Prevention and Treatment of Skin Wrinkles

Hence, the question raised in the minds of many people is what causes skin to wrinkle? And how to prevent premature aging of the skin? And elastin fibers in the skin’s collagen protein fibers in the main building because of its elasticity (ability to stretch and get back to original shape) to make the skin rejuvenated. It seems that cause the skin to stay tightly linked directly with the health of collagen fibers.

As the aging person, dermis (inner layer of skin below the epidermis is the outermost surface) gradually loses its fat. These researchers believe that the sun causes skin damage, skin aging is 90 percent. Thus, long exposure to solar UV Exposure to the destruction of elastin fibers in the skin and cause skin to become weak, it will stretch and lose elasticity.

The skin of smokers than nonsmokers to shrink. Environmental degradation is also particularly involved in the disappearance of the ozone layer. Consequence of the destruction of the ozone layer, because oxygen free radicals that damage cell membranes and interact with genetic material and can accelerate aging.

National Institute of elderly skin to prevent skin aging in America believes that some guidance with respect to health, including avoiding exposure to direct sunlight, keeping the skin intact is also possible even at aging. If between 10 am and 3 pm depending on your work, you have the sun, always use protective clothing such as hats, long sleeved shirts and sunglasses to use. Before sun exposure to get the sunscreen lotions to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays can be used.

Recommended whenever it was necessary to re-use of the lotion frequently. Use products with SPF (sun protection factor) 15 or higher should be. Check your skin often for signs of skin cancer. There was sure to consult a dermatologist Agrtghyyraty. Prhyznmayyd drinking alcohol, alcoholic Zyramshrvbat result of increasing destructive enemy’s physical and mental vitality of the skin, especially facial skin also.

Avoid washing your face too much (2 times a day is enough), use of harsh soaps and avoid rough. Wash your face because too much fat and moisture is reduced. Among them: climate (radiation, intense sunlight, winds, air pollution), natural tone of the face and neck muscles due to lack of exercise these muscles, the influence of gravity, not drinking enough water , poor nutrition, and raising eyebrows frown, non-standard use of creams and cosmetics and makeup done at the extremes mentioned.

These individuals later than farmers, sailors, athletes (especially climbers, were playing golf, football, runners, etc.) are suffering from premature aging face and neck. Lack of normal muscle tone Vmahychh also cause facial wrinkles the face and neck partial removal of wrinkles may be useful.

If gravity is the cause of aging. Of the hand or put your finger on the face or forehead for a long time in China to avoid eating the skin because it causes premature aging and ultimately it will be. The role of water in hydrated skin should not be ignored. Bad habits and behaviors such as raising eyebrows frown wrinkles as well as effective.

Some people suffer from chronic anger and have to fret. Bdkhvaby destruction of body and mind as well as insomnia and premature aging skin and also has a notable role. According to research every 6 to 7 hours of sleep needs. The most mild form of the chemical cell, glycolic acid (Lfahydrvksy) is often used to treat sun-induced skin damage is slight. Both methods of applying a chemical on the skin surface is possible. Glycolic cells, often needed to achieve the desired results are frequently used.

Falyvhay Glycolic acids are key to their ability to exfoliate the skin. Remove the outer layer of skin cells in the lower layers (for growth and division) to stimulate, to reduce skin irregularities. Hence, the more, the skin becomes scaly, more cell divisions occur in the lower layers. However, human cells can not normally be divided into the immeasurable and unlimited. Removing the skin to treat wrinkles, superficial acne scars and blemishes can be used.

This method of treatment to minimize the appearance of lines, especially lines of the mouth and eye areas to be used. Removing wrinkles with lasers usually lasts 7 to 10 years, provided that the sun should be avoided. Side effects include temporary swelling and discomfort in this procedure occurs. Light sensitivity may also, if the risks include skin burns and acne scars or injuries, infections and other viral infections occur. Another common method involves using estrogens to reduce wrinkles, Vitamin C and exercise is done

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