Six Fun & Unique Ways to Say “Thanks”

We impulsively say “thank you” through words and gestures countless times a day for various reasons. There is a casual thank you when someone holds a door open or a thank-you wave when someone lets us merge in traffic, but there are also expressions of gratitude for more serious occasions that require a little extra thought and effort. Fortunately, there are ways to think outside of the box when giving thanks. Read below to find out fun and unique ways to say “thanks!”

1. Unique Thank-You Note

Thank-you notes are a traditional way to give thanks, and there are ways to make your thank-you note more unique. Handwritten notes have become a thing of the past in today’s digital age, and many, especially those of previous generations, appreciate the gesture. The extra effort to hand write the note rather than send a quick text or email goes a long way toward showing the recipient your level of gratitude.

When writing a unique thank you card or note, think of the relationship and the situation. Is it a professional or personal relationship? Is it for a gift, or hospitality, or an act of kindness? Depending on the recipient and circumstance, there are many different phrases and ways to say something as simple as “thank you.” For example, you could write a brief poem or include an inside joke. Many people also include a gift card for a store, a restaurant, or another establishment to go above and beyond.

2. Subscription Box Service

Show your thanks by signing someone up for a subscription box service. The subscription box industry has seen a boom, in recent years, as their convenience and affordability have made them very appealing to customers. For a flat rate, subscribers receive a box of products shipped directly to their home! The recipient will love the element of surprise, as their box arriving will always brighten their day. With all types of subscription boxes available, there is definitely something that will allow you to say thanks in a fun and unique way!

Common subscription box services include grooming and skincare products, clothes, books, coffee, wine, and food. A Japanese snack subscription box is a specific, fun, and unique way to say “thank you.” These services provide subscribers with delicious and authentic Japanese treats delivered straight to their doorstep on a monthly basis, and they are an excellent way to try tasty new snacks. Not only are they delectable, but the thought of this unique gift will surely show your gratitude!

3. Social Media Posts

A social media post is another fun and unique way to say “thank you.” People of all ages and demographics use various social media networks today, so using the internet to show gratitude is trendy, fun, and hip. Additionally, publicizing your thank-you post allows you to share it with your friends and followers, which benefits both parties.

With so many different social networks, there are countless ways to get creative with a thank-you post. You could make a video and post it on YouTube, post a picture with a thoughtful caption on Instagram or Facebook, or write a thread on Twitter. You could even use a funny meme or gif! For a more professional thank you, post on LinkedIn or endorse one of their many skills.

4. A Memorable Event

Treating someone to an experience is another creative way to say “thank you.” This experience will be memorable, and you get to spend quality time with each other. This is an excellent option for those who are fans of surprises, as they’ll love the suspense and unexpected element! However, it may be smart to plan ahead and communicate if there are logistics to address such as finances, travel plans, and scheduling conflicts.

When deciding on an event or experience, be sure to consider the other person’s interests and desires since you are saying “thank you” for something they did. Fortunately, there is no shortage of ideas; you could take them to a movie, a concert, a sporting event, or a museum exhibit.

5. Food and Drinks

Saying “thank you” through food and drink is always effective and enjoyable, as there are many ways to use them creatively as a token of appreciation. You could take someone out to a nice dinner with drinks and dessert or prepare a homemade meal if you are culinary inclined.

It does not have to be a meal, as you could also take them out for a drink, desserts such as ice cream, or a cup of coffee or bake a tasty treat for them. The effort of cooking or baking will not go unnoticed and is a very powerful “thank you.” You could also give a gift of food or drink such as a nice bottle of alcohol, coffee beans, or various snacks.

6. Pay It Forward

Paying it forward is another excellent way to say “thank you.” This is an old expression that is used when one repays kindness to another individual or group instead of to the original person. A great part of paying it forward is that people are inclined to do the same to someone else, which creates a cycle of good deeds being done to people outside of your reach.

Paying it forward allows for lots of creativity. You can pay for someone else’s coffee or gas, donate to a charitable cause, or volunteer your time. You could also incorporate some of the previous ideas … you could bake cookies for a neighbor or use social media to do something nice for a stranger!

Sometimes, we need to say “thank you” in a more powerful way other than those two simple words. With this helpful guide, you now have some fun and unique ways to show gratitude!

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