Should You Be Using Cannabis if You Have Coronavirus?


Almost every person in every region is suffering from the coronavirus, but some are recovering due to home care or hospitality, and some couldn’t make it. Cannabis therapy is well known for long decades with cannabinoids like CBD and THC. These are used for treating various people with various diseases. So let’s discuss what effects cannabis leaves on Covid-19; is …

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How To Stay Fit And Healthy During Coronavirus


It may be a challenge to stay fit during the coronavirus, especially if your gym is closed or you don’t have an appropriate place to exercise. But do you know that you can stay fit even during the lockdown? It’s the wrong opinion that you need to stay fit only because of your looks and toned body. Staying fit helps …

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Coronavirus – COVID 19

Young male researcher carrying out scientific experiment.

An alarming situation has entangled the whole world into it. In history the current situation has become the most devastating phase after World War 2. Whole world is fighting from this pandemic. Day to day changing number of patients and spread. It was first started to spread in Wuhan in China. It took much research to understand this virus. It …

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