Coronavirus – COVID 19

An alarming situation has entangled the whole world into it. In history the current situation has become the most devastating phase after World War 2. Whole world is fighting from this pandemic. Day to day changing number of patients and spread. It was first started to spread in Wuhan in China. It took much research to understand this virus.

It has been declared as the most contagious virus. To avoid the spread of it most of the countries had declared complete lockdown for months. The economy had led to the downfall. Almost all the industries have been impacted, the ones which have been hit hard are the airlines and tourism, hospitality, automobile and power. Several medical organizations from all over the world, are working to find the vaccine so that they can save the lives of thousands of people. Till such a cure is found, social distancing, full-scale testing and rigorous quarantine is the only solution to restrict the spread of the virus.

This mysterious virus changed our lifestyle completely. We are experiencing positive sides along with negative. While the consumption of petrol, diesel decreased and environment become clean. On the other hand, the domestic violence rate has increased. As we are understood about the virus with precautionary majors we have to restart our lives. How this will end?

  1. Block at source – We should isolate every source of transmission.
  2. Community transmission – If the larger number of people got infected, then the population develops immunity against the virus, hence virus becomes ineffective. This is the principle of Herd immunity. Generally, this process takes six months to a year.
  3. Vaccine – If a vaccine is developed and it should reach to every infected person.
  4. Plasma Therapy- We use blood plasma from recovered patients to treat severely critical COVID-19 patients. It is an experimental therapy and this experiment first implemented in USA.COVID-19

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