Taking care of my skin

Would you like to go deeper into the main skincare secrets? Let’s discover the best skincare routine for your skin so that you could be proud of your own beauty tips and hacks. There are some golden rules of taking care of your skin about which you need to know before your 30s. Each woman must have a special attitude towards her skincare ideas and tricks. When you find the right routine you start learning a lot about the basic needs and demands of your skin.

Your Skin Type

The right skincare routine starts with acknowledgment of what type of skin you have, and what it requires to become heathier. There are 4 main skin types; normal, combination, dry, oily, sensitive and aging. Once you know which is yours you need to start using the matching products. Always read the instructions and functions of the product you buy and then decide whether it’s the right thing for your skin type or not. For example, oily skin doesn’t have the same needs as dry skin and you can’t use the same product for both skin types.


Pay Attention to Subtle Parts

The subtlest part of the skin is the face but it has thinner and more exquisite parts in its turn. The skin around your eyes and lips are particularly the fine and fragile areas that demand more care. You must use eye cream around your eyes and the a collagen face cream to fight wrinkles and dark circles. Also, you should use lip balm to keep your lips luscious and luminous. They are also the most sensitive parts that deserve more attention.


If you really care about the health of your skin you must have your own “before and after makeup” cleansing routine. In order not to stress your skin and make it irritated, dull and unhealthy you must wash and cleanse your face with fresh products and avoid using hand soups and shampoos while washing your face. They contain harsh chemicals that can burn your exquisite face. They are actually meant for harsher areas of the skin. When it comes to makeup you should always remember that you must remove it at the end of the day. When you skip this step you yourself harm your skin. Sleeping makeup on is the number one enemy of the skin.


Eyes are considered as risk are, that’s why dermatologist recommend being too careful with this part when it comes to skincare or any kind of use of products. Opt for a special routine and use eye creams or other skincare products only if they are a must. For example, aging skin may require anti-aging creams to fight against wrinkles around the eyes but if you are young, you can use only natural oils.


Among the top 10 golden skincare rules you will surely meet the moisturizing. It’s probably the most important thing every skin type requires. And while women with oily skin think that they don’t need it, specialists claim that moisturizing is essential for all skin types including oily skin. There are special moisturizing creams and lotions designed for this or that type of skin. Find yours and never forget to smoothen and soften your skin with gentle moisturizing.

Sun Protection

The use of SPF based skincare products is another golden tip to keep in mind. This step is as important as the fight against aging and wrinkles. The harsh UV rays of the sun can not only change your skin tone and harm your subtle skin but they can also make it wrinkly and dull. Each time you step out of the door make sure you wear sun protective cream. Even if you don’t use face creams against the sunny rays you may wear hats, sunglasses or take an umbrella with you.

Overcome Stress

If you miss this step then all your skincare techniques are in vein. Researches shows that people with a peaceful and happy lifestyle live longer and have less health problems. When you are in depression you can’t notice how it reflects on your skin health but you’ll realize it once you meet your first wrinkles on the mirror. The sooner you overcome your stress, fight worries and fears, the quicker your skin will recreate itself. So, give away all the worries and start taking care of your skin. Start a new life from a new page. In case you smoke, drink too much alcohol or use drugs, I am here to tell you that there is always a better solution that leads to a brighter future.

Pollution and Your Skin

Anther reason why your skin may look dull and unhealthy is the environment where you live. It can be polluted and dirty but even if you can’t change your place of living you can still choose the right cleansing and skin protective tips to help your skin survive in harsh conditions. Air pollution is the latest beauty enemy. So, you can cleanse your face with skin-type-specific micellar water twice daily to remove the dirt.

Skin Massages

Finally, consider skin massages as the oldest and most productive way of refreshing your skin. Face massages boost blood circulation and allow you to look younger. That’s the reason why Asian women look so fresh even in their 40s and 50s. They always go for face massages and use natural oils for a better result. Search for some popular face massage tutorials and follow the best examples.

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