What to Eat Before You Exercise And When to Eat

Are you still figuring out what to eat before and after your exercise regime? Well,the suitability of these foods with your exercise regime as well as the timing of the diet makes them very effective.Food and fitness go hand in hand. What you eat has a direct say in your exercise regime and its results. Following are some of the foods you should eat during your exercise regime along with the best fit time during which the food should be eaten.

Whole Wheat Tuna Fish along with Hummus and Spinach Sandwich

This sandwich is for people who are lunchtime exercisers. Tuna is very low in term of calories, but severely high in protein and carbs. Hummus is far better spread over mayo in terms of health and high in fiber. And last but certainly not least, spinach is a produce dynamo, it takes care of everything from boosting your immunity and serving as a great anti-oxidant to preventing any sort of inflammation.

Apple Wedges plus Almond Butter

Daily doses provided from apples and also minerals and antioxidants are supplied. It will not only crunch your hunger but also increase the level of energy in your body. To keep your stomach from growling, put a tablespoon of almond butter on the slices. It curbs the hunger and increases the energy levels up. You can also apply a spread like almond butter on the slices to make them taste even better. This meal is to be consumed before an exercise.

Greek Yogurt and Trail Mix,Smoothies

For those who are marathon runners or long distance runners, eat yoghurt. Its calm on your stomach and when mixed with trail mix; it can pep up your body. Make sure mix you choose is mostly nutty and dried fruit based. The sugar content from the dried fruit will offer a boost, while nuts will keep insulin levels from dropping mid-workout. Just remember, a little bit goes a long way. Seeds and nuts are high in fat, which means they are hard to digest. Excessive consumption and you could start feeling lethargic and slow as you drop sweat. Use any sliced fruit with a small cup of greek yogurt and granola for a thicker and creamier consistency.


Oatmeal is the old workout buddy you never miss. It is a wonderful food that helps you complete your workout by slowly releasing sugar into your bloodstream. Also, adding fruit to your oatmeal bowl will help increase the fluid content of your pre-workout snack, keeping you hydrated. Therefore, Oatmeal is an ideal meal to have before the exercise.

Chocolate Milk

Instead of taking a protein shake, which may contains steroids, several researches have shown that chocolate milk can be very helpful as a post-workout snack as it contains the essential carbs and protein for gaining muscles plus also contain water to accommodate for the water loss during workout. Drink a glass of chocolate milk after exercise.


Salmon provides a lot of peptides and simple proteins that can be very helpful in managing inflammation, and insulin levels. To make it more tasty and healthy add some sweet potatoes to your plate of salmon to get the complex carbs. Salmon is a dish to be taken after a rigorous workout.

Whole Wheat Toast with Sliced Banana and Cinnamon

This meal provides both simple and complex carbs. Whole-wheat toast with fruit such as banana can give you both types of carbs along with being easy to digest. Complex carbs will keep you enduring, while the fruit will provide an extra chock of vitamins and energy to your plate. Those trying to run a race, bananas are just a perfect fruit in raising potassium levels, which drop when you sweat a lot. For a splash of taste, add a dash of cinnamon. This will give you a blast of health and taste.

Vegetable Omelette

Prepare a vegetable rich omelette and add some fruits like avocados over it. It will provide a lot of protein to your body as well as help it to better absorb fat soluble vitamins that your veggies have like A, D, E and K. Have your omelette after the exercise.

These are the following list which you should follow when you are doing workouts. Exercise is way of living so be healthy and disease free.

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