When Should You Start Incorporating Pills into Your Diet?

Are you trying to lose weight but feeling like nothing works? Have you incorporated strict diet and started exercising regularly, but felt like your body weight remains the same? We understand your frustration, but you don’t have to feel bad. Healthy diet and enough exercise are the most potent answer for your body weight problem, but they are indeed pretty slow.

During that time, the temptation to find a magic pill that will do the losing weight for you is soaring up and high. You will often find yourself browsing on Amazon or eBay, checking variety of weight loss pill and supplements, wondering which one is safe to consume and which one will actually works. You know that they are probably not what your GP will recommend, but you still want to hang on a thin line of hope on these pills and capsules.

What if I tell you that there is actually one diet pill that is both safe and effective? In fact, there really is one diet pill that is approved by FDA and commonly prescribed by doctors to assists with weight loss for overweight patients. This medicine is called Orlistat.

Get to Know Orlistat Better

Orlistat is the generic name for the same medicine under the name Xenical. It is a kind of medication categorized as lipid inhibitor, meaning it works by blocking the absorption of fat inside your intestines. Of course, not all of fat will be absorbed. Orlistat may absorb up to 1/3 amount of the fat you eat. So, when you consume fatty meal, only 2/3 of the fat is absorbed into your body, while the rest of it will simply pass through and excreted as stool.

So, Orlistat will not interfere with your appetite and will not magically burn the fat that have accumulated inside your body. It does, however, help you not to build anymore fat excess. In simpler illustration, if you normally can lose 2lb of weight, with Orlistat you can get additional 1lb of weight loss.

The weaker version of Orlistat is available to purchase OTC by the name Alli. Orlistat (and Xenical) contains 120 mg of – well, orlistat – while Alli contains 60 mg of it. Orlistat may absorb 1/3 amount of your fat intake, Alli may absorb around ¼ amount of it.

Currently, Orlistat is the only medicine for weight loss approved by FDA. Its safety and effectiveness in reducing weight has been carefully researched and proven true. So far, it is the safest option among hundreds others weight loss pills sold in the market.

Diet and Exercise Still Matter

After learning how Orlistat works, you must already noticed that you should still incorporate healthy diet and regular exercise into your life. After all, Orlistat will help, but it won’t do all the work. Orlistat should not be used on its own without strict dieting and regular exercise. However, if you have already dieting and exercising right, but is frustrated by the lack of result, you will be better off with Orlistat.

Diet that will go well with Orlistat is low fat diet. In every meal, make sure that the fat you consume will account to around 30% of the total calorie maximum. You can get low fat diet by:

  • Consuming only lean cut meat
  • Avoiding deep fried food and instead choose boiled, baked, or grilled food
  • Choosing low-fat dairy products
  • increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables up to five portions every day.

You should also know that Orlistat’s fat-absorption-blocking quality makes it hard for your body to get their share of vitamins that are usually absorbed by the fat: vitamin A, D, E, and K. Therefore, you should consume additional supplements of these vitamins every day. Remember not to consume the vitamin at the same time or in time range that is too close to your Orlistat intake, otherwise Orlistat’s magic will accidentally flush them away too.

Meanwhile, any weight loss exercise such as walking, jogging, or other exercise typically done in gym will go well with Orlistat. If you haven’t done any exercise yet, start slow but consistent, adding the amount of time day by day. Choose one exercise you’ll likely enjoy so you won’t get bored and drop the activity in the middle of your progress.

If you follow the dietary plan and exercise while taking Orlistat regularly, you should expect the weight loss during the first until third month of consumption. The lost weight would be around 5%. If you don’t think it’s significant enough, it’s actually good because significant weight loss in short amount of time could be dangerous for your body.

If until six month you don’t see any progress with your weight loss with Orlistat, you’ll want to stop the treatment as it is clearly doesn’t work for you. If it works, however, you can continue consuming Orlistat for 1-2 year, depending on how much weight you need to lose. You should stop consuming Orlistat once your BMI is under 28 and continue to reach your ideal BMI simply using diet and exercise.

Where Can I Get Orlistat?

You can get Orlistat either from the nearest pharmacy or online. However, Orlistat have pretty strong effect, therefore to purchase it, you should be eligible. The criterion is you should have BMI above 28. You’ll be required to show your BMI index from your physician to the pharmacy to buy Alli, and you’ll be required to show prescription to buy Orlistat.

If you decide to buy it online, you’ll have to do a short and free online consultation to check if Orlistat is really the right weight loss treatment you need. Answer the question given honestly, so the pharmacist can ensure that you are eligible to consume Orlistat.

Some of you may get worried with buying medication online. To avoid scam or fake products, make sure to buy Orlistat only from registered company with clear contact info, such as The Independent Pharmacy. The Independent Pharmacy is regulated and secured by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), General Pharmaceutical Council, and NPA (National Pharmacy Association), therefore you can guarantee that you’ll get the authentic products you order.

If you’re interested in Orlistat; you can start your online free consultation here and get the product sent to your house the next day.

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