How to Keep Your Gums Healthy and Make Teeth Strong


Following good dental care, routine is the best way to take care of your gum and teeth. So, the first and essential step to protect your teeth is regular brushing and flossing. To prevent any kind of gum disease, you have to follow some basic things. It is not rocket science. You just should have the knowledge of hygiene, However, …

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The Types Of Neck Pain And Neck Pain Relief Treatment


Have you been suffering from neck aches for some time? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Neck pain affects 75% of the global population and is one of the top five illnesses in the United States. We don’t appreciate a pain-free neck until it’s gone, just like we don’t appreciate the carefree days of our childhood. Neck pain …

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How to Support Mental Health During and After Pregnancy


Becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby is a blessing that many women live to enjoy. Cute little fingers and toes, beautiful eyes, and toothless smiles are some of the things mothers treasure. However, this big life event (pregnancy) comes with a roller-coaster of emotions at different stages. The typical response when you ask for mental health support from friends …

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6 Foods That Boost Mental Health

Mental Health Matters iPad Lettering Quote

Generally, we all tend to focus on foods containing fewer calories, gearing towards losing weight, it’s equally important to focus on our brain too. The brain is the epicenter of the body. It commands the organs to function well. Hence, it’s vital to integrate a few healthy things into the diet, to nourish the brain and keep cognitive diseases at …

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How to Successfully Stop The Habit Of Teeth Grinding?


What Is Teeth Grinding and Why Is Teeth Grinding Harmful? Grinding or clenching your teeth, officially known as bruxism, affects roughly one in three adults, and surprisingly, it can happen irrespective of you are asleep or awake. Unfortunately, many people aren’t even aware they have this habit until a loved one notices the sound or a dental professional detects the …

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Preterm Babies: How are they Cared For


Preterm babies are newborn babies who are born before the completion of the pregnancy period, that is thirty-seven weeks of pregnancy. Preterm babies can be segregated into late preterm (born between 34-36 months), moderately preterm (born between 32-34 weeks), very preterm (born between 28-32 weeks) and extreme preterm (born before 28 weeks). Preterm baby care in the NICU hospital is …

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Top 10 Methods for Effective Boxing Workout Recovery


Exercise is good for health but when it comes to intense workouts your muscles get tired. Most people come home with sore muscles struggling to even lift a cup of water to sip. When your box is all about generating the energy from the core and then using the arm to deliver the energy from the arm to the hand. …

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Benefits of Flexibility: How can you enhance it?


The flexibility of the human body is a significant component of physical fitness that has various benefits. It improves posture, mobility, muscle coordination while reducing the risk of falls & muscle soreness. And helps you with your shape. Stretching helps your body to become supple. This training helps for easier & deeper movements along with building strength & stability. Are …

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10 Easy and Effective Ways of Boosting Your Metabolism


Your metabolism is your body’s natural rate of burning calories for providing energy to perform daily activities. Your metabolic speed depends upon various factors, which include age, gender, muscle mass, body fat, activity level & genetics. It’s the term that covers all of the chemical reactions and activities such as repairing the cells, digestion, and breathing. These reactions are necessary …

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