Not Just Water: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself Hydrated During Summers

Summertime is like that box of memories which open-up every year so that you could enjoy the essence of it. Summer vacations trip or just staying home eating mangoes and drinking lemonades and butter-milk. The definition of summers could differentiate amongst us all. But, one thing that we all look for is the way to enjoy the season uninterruptedly.

There is no doubt that Indian summers are beautiful with a variety of foods and colours in it. In north India, it is the longest season that stays for a span of at least six to seven months. Being a tropical country, India does not experience mild summers in most of its parts. So, what is the solution? What if there were some ways how we could keep ourselves hydrated during summers? As a matter of fact, there are.

To keep yourself cool and hydrated so that you could enjoy the summers without any interruption. We have made it a little easy for you by gathering-up top five ways to keep yourself hydrated during summers.

Let’s begin without much more talks.

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Hydrated During Summers


Are your seven to eight glasses of water a day enough to keep you hydrated during the hot Indian summer? Our body has this tendency to urge for the things that it needs at a particular time. On a hot summer day, you rarely would crave a cup of coffee. Usually, you would prefer something cold that would help you beat the heat. That is why, while the water is the thing that you should keep sipping on all day, it might not be the only thing that would help you stay hydrated. Here are a few others of them.

1. Eat Your Water

We just cannot ignore the importance of drinking water. But, what if we say that you can increase your water intake by eating your water. By which we mean that eat super hydrating foods. Fruits, vegetables and drinks that are rich in water contents. You can bite off a wedge of watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, peaches or any hydrating fruit that is locally available in your market. In vegetables, go for green leafy vegetables. They are rich in all the vitamins that your need for your summer and they are super hydrating too.

Cucumbers are more than 80% of water. So, eat cucumbers as s summers salad. It will help you hydrate inside-out in the hot summer.

2. Wear Summer-Friendly Clothes

When the temperature touches 45 degrees, then even our clothes become a factor of irritation. And why not? The way to dress should always be according to the weather. Try not to wear much tight and skinny clothes so that your skin could breathe through the fabric and the sweating does not make them stick to your body. Cotton and linen fabrics are best known for hot summers. Go breezy and easy while picking your attire. Soothing colours would help you feel cool while you work your day in the office.

3. Avoid Excessive Hot Drinks

We Indians are the utmost lovers or teas and coffees. Despite the heatwave even in June, we would not bail on our evening cup of tea or coffee. You can enjoy your favourite drink without any doubt, but cut the number of cups you usually drink daily. You can switch your hot teas/coffees with home-made summer coolers, like cold-pressed juices, lemonade, buttermilk or our favourite Aam-Panna. They will savour your taste-buds and will also keep you cool and hydrated.

4. Avoid Unnecessary sun exposure

Some of us have to go out in the sun as part of their regular routines or jobs. But, if you are not one of those, then try to skip the day time sun. It can cause you a sun-stroke. And, if you go around in the sun then do not forget to keep yourself covered and carry your water bottle along to stay hydrated.

5. Check on Your Water Intake

And at last, but no way the least, track your water intake. Keep yourself hydrated while out for a run or working out in the gym. Carry bottle wherever ever you go and keep sipping on it every hour.


Hydration is the key during hot summers. These were the top ways to stay hydrated during summers. De-hydration can cause certain different problems like diarrhoea, sun-stroke, Kidney stones, irregular bowels, constipation etc. Avoid getting into those problems by following a hydrated diet and loads of water and cooling foods. Try to avoid fried foods from the outside and prefer your meals home-style. Stay happy, hydrated and enjoy the best of summers.

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