7 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Fat From Your Body

Sometimes you think, you are doing everything right, but the fat is not diminishing. The fat is demoralizing you and your struggle to lose it may have been a waste till now. Instead of throwing the towel, it’s important to take serious steps.

Many of us spend years to get rid of that extra fat with little or no success. We try to attack the fat when we are high to lose it, but lose everything at the sight of your favorite mac and cheese dish. The cravings and temptation may be hard to control, but these need to be controlled to lose that stubborn fat.

Definitely, fat losing is not an easy task to achieve, but if you are not losing the fat for a long time, then there are several mistakes you might be making. These common mistakes include:


  1. Eating too many calories: Many people believe that as long as you are avoiding carbs and doing exercise, their weight will be managed. This is a myth, and at the end of the day, you need to eat less. If you are eating the right amount of healthy food, it would be easy to lose fat. Thinking this, most people eat way more than they think.  Eating less than your intake is a challenge, but consuming 2500 calories per day requires some discipline. When you are not losing fat, then the pretty simple solution is to eat less food. This may help you to lose fat, not right away, but with time.
  2. You are consuming more sugar and starch than you think: Sugar, starch or carbohydrates are not evil; many people make these big mistakes when they tend to eat healthily. Though you are avoiding the sources of sugar, you may be eating a lot of hidden sugars. Table sugar, donuts, soda, etc are obvious sugars; starches, processed foods, fruits juices, milk, and grains have hidden sugars. The only reason you may not be seeing results because of underestimating the sugar consumption. Starch rich food may not appear sugar to you, but as soon as they go into the body, they are converted into sugar. The front box of any packet may claim whatever, but you must redefine what sugar means, and adopt a new approach.
  3. Your cardio is not working towards fat burning: Many people think that more is better. If a person is doing 20 minutes of cardio, and consider it to be good, then 40 minutes of cardio is much better. But in cardio, more is not always better. It can be a waste and counterproductive at worst, as you may end up compromising your muscle mass without adequately tapping your fat stores for energy. Instead, opt for cardio with high intensity and make it happen to maximum levels. If you want to drop and burn your body fat quickly, then the most efficient way possible is to perform high-intensity interval training, which will help you burn your body fat. The exercise is performed at the maximum level and it will help to burn the fat. HIIT is very effective to get a lean body.
  4. You are not training intensely: If you are a beginner, then start slowly. However, if you are accustomed to the weights, machines, and gym atmosphere, then push yourself harder and harder. Don’t get comfortable by doing steady intensity workout. Your body will adjust to it, and you may not lose fat. Many people in the gym would work out with dumbbells without breaking any sweat; the reason would be- they don’t want to get bulkier. This is a complete myth; if you want to lose fat, then lift hard and heavy and it has nothing to do with huge. However, if you want to get huge, then have proteins shakes or buy anabolic steroid cycles for sale by the consultation of doctors. These will help you get you huge muscles. If fat loss is your goal, then you have to create an extreme energy demand for your body, so that it can change. Lifting the same weights which are light every day, will not help you meet any of your physique goals.
  5. Take full advantages of scientific innovations: There are so many supplements available in the market, but that doesn’t mean you have to depend on these products; they are not going to do any magic. You should have a proper expectation from these innovations, as it should be combined with dieting and exercise. A well-designed supplement will help you give extra edge in your results. Whenever you want to choose a fat loss supplement, research for the ingredients like green tea, and caffeine – which tends to increase energy expenditure and accelerate the fat loss. If you want to build the muscles, then look for injectable steroid cycles for sale as they are very popular and effective steroids. However, always take the consultation from doctors, so that you don’t experience any side effects later. Using the advanced supplements will help you lose weight in two weeks. But take it after consultation with the doctors, and in limited quantity.
  6. You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep: When you are deprived of sleep, your insulin sensitivity decreases and the cortisol level goes up. Both the things lead to less than an optimal fat loss. As for the fact, sleep deprivation can lead to fat gain. The most critical growth hormone comes during the night when you are in deep sleep. If you want to lose more fat, then sleep adequately.

Some tips to improve your sleep are:

  • Go out in the natural light for at least 15 minutes in the morning
  •  Make an early morning workout routine
  • Don’t have caffeine after 12 pm
  • Turn off the lights completely, when you head to sleep
  • Don’t use your phone or tablet before two hours going to bed
  • Remove electronics away from the bedroom or switch them off at night
  • Use the bed only when you want to sleep
  • The bed you are using to sleep should be good and comfortable so that you can sleep peacefully
  • Make sleeping your priority, and never try to cut your sleeping time with anything else

7. You are in stress: Stress is a silent killer; so if you are stressed, then the body will produce cortisol beyond the normal capacity. This is responsible for increasing body fat storage and other negative consequences. Even if your diet and exercise are perfect, stress can really keep you off from losing fat.

So relax, and try yoga, take a bath, read a book, see a movie, or indulge in meditation to relax.


These tips will help you lose fat from the body, which is accumulated due to certain factors. Following these tips will get the excess fat from your body.

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