Almonds vs Peanuts: Which is Healthier for your Body

Almonds and Peanuts both are considered to be healthy but which are safe to consume regularly. It is needless to say that both Almonds and Peanuts provide individual benefits to human being now you need to decide what your body needs. To decide on the right food let’s balance the nutritional quotient and some more.

Nutritional facts



Peanut is found to be rich in protein, carbohydrate, fat and vitamins. To be more specific you must know the following nutritional information of 100g peanuts.

Protein- 25.8g of protein can be consumed from 100g of peanuts. You can easily identify it’s value for protein. Being a good source of protein peanuts are suggested for people who are trying to improve body weight and mass as well. You can buy bulk peanuts and enjoy it has a good everyday snack.

Carbohydrate- 16.13g of carbohydrate is available in 100g of protein, which helps to improve muscles.

Fiber-now coming to the fiber you can get 8.5g fiber from a packet of 100g peanuts. However, the driver content is not that much still is found to be a tasty source of fiber other than fruits and vegetables.

Fats- Talking about a nut cannot miss out mentioning it’s fat content. In 100g of peanuts, 24.43g of monounsaturated fats, 15.56g of polyunsaturated fats and 6.28g of polyunsaturated fats is found. Which clearly states that peanut also provides you with healthy fat and some insoluble fats as well which might cause fat gain in your body if you consume more than limit.

Minerals- the best part of consuming peanuts is that it comes with a bunch of minerals like potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and zinc which helps to provide most of the essential minerals and stay healthy.

Vitamins- peanuts do not lack providing vitamin B-1, 2,3,6,9 and Vitamin E which helps improve our hair and skin condition.



Almonds are such fruits, which are suggested to be consumed by most of the people in the world. Because of its nutritional benefits, people are crazy about almonds. Let’s check out the nutritional facts of almonds considering 100g of almonds.

Water- You must not have expected that a dry fruit will contain water but almond does. About 4g of water can be consumed from 100g of almonds, which states that almonds help to keep your body hydrated a little bit.

Carbohydrate- Almonds are rich in carbohydrate, which makes it the best food for improving sugar balance in your body. 22g of carbohydrates is found in 100g of almonds.

Protein – the protein content of any nut cannot be ignored because nuts are rich in protein. In 100g of almonds, you will get 21g of protein, which is a prominent amount and great for improving mass, skin and hair as well.
Fat- 3.8g of saturated fat, 31.6g of monounsaturated fat, and 12.3g of polyunsaturated fat makes it a good source of healthy fat, which prevents weight gain easily.

Minerals- almonds contain a good amount of minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium sodium, zinc that brings lots of benefit of skin, hair and bones as well.

Vitamins- starting from vitamin A, B(1,2,3,5,6,9), Vitamin C, D, E and vitamin K, almonds contains all essential vitamins which are great of health.

Knowing the nutritional facts is not all to decide for the nuts there are more factors you must know.

Health Benefit



  1. Maintain heart health- The presence of unsaturated fats helps to maintain heart health. It maintains the cholesterol level, which maintains human health healthily.
  2. Healthy weight- Peanuts are rich in protein fat and fibre, which is a combination, brings your weight up and provides healthy weight gain policy. Underweight people must go through a protein-rich diet, which contains peanuts.
  3. Maintain blood sugar level- Peanuts comes under low glycemic index which clearly states that peanuts does not hamper the blood sugar level and also helps to maintain it.



  1.  Good cholesterol- almonds are rich in good cholesterol, which helps to maintain the cholesterol level even after consuming a good amount of fatty substance. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol level. This is why almonds are favored as high carb snacks to give a kick start to your body mass increasing journey.
  2. Good for heart- Presence of unsaturated fat lowers the risk of occurring cardiovascular diseases. Presence of vitamins and natural acids also helps to reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease, which a great release for everyone.
  3.  Controls diabetes- Due to the presence of valuable minerals and fiber almonds are beneficial for diabetic people. Researchers have shown that consuming almonds regularly reduces the sugar level after food; which helps to maintain blood sugar.
  4. Boost energy- Almonds are a good source of energy because of nutrients present in it. Nevertheless, it is found that wholesale roasted almonds are more effective than raw almonds in case of energy.
  5. Boost memory- The most common factor that makes almond this popular is that it boosts your brain. It also improves your concentration and makes you more alert. You can find you have become more attentive in class or meeting than before after consuming almonds regularly.
  6. Improves digestion- because of the presence of high-quality fibers almonds also support better digestion, which helps to increase your skin health. Your skin gets smoother and free from pigments.
  7. Almond oils are blessing- Almond is rich in vitamin E whose benefit can be obtained with the almond oil. It smoothens, softens your skin and hair also and brings natural shine. It also helps to tone up your skin and remove the signs of aging.
  8. Promotes weight loss- Almonds helps to provide sufficient nutrients to your body without delivering much fat in your body, which helps to prevent fat gain, and also healthily triggers weight loss.

Adverse effect

Both Almonds and Peanuts can show allergic reactions but you can run under a test to detect the allergy.

Bottom line

Peanuts and almonds both a healthy and rich nutrient source and offer a bunch of health benefits. Almonds are fit to include in everyday diet for everyone but people with the motive to build muscles or increase weight must go with peanuts. Growing muscles require a protein-rich diet, which can be best complemented by peanuts. Both are good for health but peanuts are more effective in some health conditions.



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