8 Steps You Should Know For a Healthier Senior Lifestyle


You may be getting older, but that doesn’t mean you have to get old! There are so many different ways to keep old age at bay so that you can feel younger every day. Here are eight health tips you should follow to have a healthier senior lifestyle! 1) Stay Active You can keep your body feeling healthier for longer …

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Almonds vs Peanuts: Which is Healthier for your Body


Almonds and Peanuts both are considered to be healthy but which are safe to consume regularly. It is needless to say that both Almonds and Peanuts provide individual benefits to human being now you need to decide what your body needs. To decide on the right food let’s balance the nutritional quotient and some more. Nutritional facts Peanuts- Peanut is …

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Live Longer and Healthier By Practicing Yoga


There are in numerous benefits of doing yoga regularly. Even giving only 30 to 45 minutes to yoga in a whole day can help you in so many ways. It gives you a mental peace, fit body and healthy soul. Benefits of Yoga: Yoga gives you the peace of mind by which by you will feel relaxed, stress free because …

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