Breast Implant Size Tips

Getting breast implants is a choice being made by a larger number of women. The reasons can often differ, this can be improving firmness, making them more symmetrical or it can simply be so they are bigger. All this can improve self-esteem, make the woman feel more confident and they will know that more heads are going to turn when they walk in to a room. However, there can sometimes be a fine line between breast implants that improve appearance and ones that look out of place on the body. This is because surgery can give breasts that may actually be too big and as stated in this breast augmentation article, a lot of women wish they could change the size of their implants. The following tips can give some advice as to the size range you should look at when wanting to undergo breast surgery.

Take height in to consideration


The latest consensus showed that the average height for women is 5foot 4inches, but of course this is only an average and there are a number of women who are taller and smaller than this. In terms of breasts the average cup size if 34DD. Going purely by these averages, the assumption can be made that a woman who is 5ft 4in tall would be likely to have 34DD sized breasts. But this can then be further challenged by a person’s body weight, so the average body weight can be found through the BMI, and for women this figure stands at 26.5.There will be a number of women where this is not the case but the law of averages tells us this height/breast/body weight combination is the most typical with women. Therefore, after looking at this information if a woman sized around 5ft 4in considering getting implants because they want larger breasts, the logical cup size would be 34DD. The reasoning for this is that 34DD would be the breast size that would suit the body shape the best.

If the woman height is smaller than the average, the best option would be to go for a slightly smaller size than this so that they blend better with your body height and shape. Therefore, a woman who is 5feet tall a cup size of 40D is probably better suited.Looking towards the other end, if the woman is a is a taller 6ft the implant size to choose is probably F32. This is because that woman’s torso is likelier to be longer, therefore with a larger BMI also expected, bigger breast implants may suit the body shape better.

Less is more

This is something that can be easily overlooked when it comes to getting breast implants because essentially, a woman would pay money to get breast implants that are the best for them, and for most this means getting the biggest size possible. The point here is, getting breasts that are too large can cause major comfort issues and can hinder your movement when trying to get on with day-t-day tasks. Making your breasts bigger is an important decision you will have to stick with and it is unlikely you can make a breast implant claim to get them done again so make sure the height and body weight tips are taken in to consideration as well as being mindful about the lifestyle changes bigger breasts can cause to you. Also, another point to consider is that going for smaller implants can mean that more people don’t actually realise your breasts are fake and you won’t get the constant ‘are they real?’ question from people you meet!

Body shape

This body shape is in relation to the type of body frame you hav e. For instance, a woman who has a body frame which isn’t very curvaceous would mean that it is probably slimmer. In this case the recommendation would be that the size of the implant would be below 40DD. The reason for this tip is because breasts that are under this size would blend perfectly with the woman’s body shape. On the other hand, if the body frame is more curvaceous then the size of the implants would be recommended to34DD upwards as these implants would blend better with the body.

The body shape and height considerations are similar and can overlap or often disagree, for instance if the height is 6ft 0 in and the body frame is slimmer the size of F32 may be deemed too large but when this is the case the woman’s personal judgment and the doctors’ advice comes in to play. A great way to judge this can be to purchase a bra that size and put it on under a dress and see if the size is suitable and then reduce slightly until it looks acceptable.

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