The Top Reasons to Consider Reshaping Your Body with Butt Augmentation Surgery

For both men and women who want to change the size and shape of their buttocks, or want fullness, buttock implants can help them achieve the appearance they desire. Whether the current physical appearance is due to age or weight loss, or it’s a genetic factor-the buttock implant surgery can solve any concern.

Although exercises like squats can do a lot, but buttock implantation surgery can provide a faster and a permanent solution. While diet and traditional exercises can give you a temporary improved butt, buttock implant offers youthful shape and size to the body.

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If you are still in process of making a decision for the surgery and don’t know where to start from: read and acknowledge yourself with the details of the surgery. Once you are thorough with your research and preparation, choose an expert surgeon for consultation to get things started. We are listing below all the things you need to know about Buttock Implantation Surgery.

Reasons to Consider Buttocks Implant

There can be various reasons for buttocks implant but all are subjective. The major reasons include:

  • A flat bottom and disproportionate figure
  • To increase the size
  • Unappealing shape

Buttocks implant is for anyone who is dissatisfied with the physique, fullness, or size of their buttock.

Suitable Candidate for Buttocks Implant

All the men and women who have a deflated or flat butt and want fullness, increased projection, or a shapelier butt are the best candidates for this surgery. Those who have tried exercises and have not been able to achieve the desired results have thin and small buttocks then buttocks implant is a viable solution for all such candidates.

The alternative and a better way to decide if you are suitable for the surgery are to consult the surgeon. Generally good candidates for a buttock implant are in good health condition and have:

  • Flat butt without curves
  • Imbalance between buttocks and other body
  • Slight to no projection of the buttocks
  • Patients that do not have enough body fat for fat transfer
  • Realistic expectations

The Best Complementary Procedures to go with Buttocks Augmentation

The best decision for you is of course taken by your surgeon; however most of the surgeons do recommend additional procedures like Fat Grafting and Liposuction. Liposuction can help sculpt the waist area while fat grafting can add shape and volume to the butt. Both these procedures are done in conjunction with buttock lift and can take place at the same time.

The patients who have a square shaped lower abdominal with excess fat on the waist go through liposuction of the waist. The waist is tightened and love handles are made prominent and volume is added to the butt.

Fat grafting is generally used for patients who want a round bottom and have excess fat on other areas of the body. Fat from areas such as love handles and thighs is re-injected into the buttocks. This procedure can only take place when patient has enough fat to use and it takes place in conjunction with buttock lift.

What to Expect from Buttock Implant

You will go through an initial consultation with your surgeon to determine if your buttock augmentation with provide the results you desire. Your surgeon is your best guide for your expectation and questions about the surgery. Some major aspects your surgeon will consider are:

  • Your medical history
  • Will discuss the procedure thoroughly and its details
  • Will offer recommendations

Buttocks implant is generally performed under general anesthesia. The position of the implant is of three types:

  • Submuscular- Under the muscles
  • Intramuscular- Inside the muscles
  • Subfascial- Over the muscles

The shape and size of the implant is chosen according to your body shape and desired fullness. There are various types of implants available; oval, round, and anatomic. There are different textures of implants as well, the main are; silicone implants that do not rupture, deflate, or spill.

The next step involves making the decision for the incision of the implant. The implant incision can be through three different places-once the position is decided, the surgeon will next determine the placement of the implant. The buttock implant is generally placed under the gluteal muscles.

The implants are placed under the actual muscles of the buttocks on which you sit, so you will never sit on the implants after the surgery. The first incision is made vertically in the buttock crease, just in the center, also called sacrum. The procedure is carried on either side of the sacrum until buttocks muscle is reached.

The surgeon creates pockets for the implant within the muscles on either side of the implant, the muscle then gets closed over the Implants. The original incision gets closed in layers and the procedure completes here. Drains are inserted for reducing fluid buildup which gets removed after duration of 2 weeks.

Patients are allowed to go home after the procedure is complete, however rest is very crucial. A day after the surgery, you are advised to visit the surgeon and then on intervals as suggested by the doctor. This entire process is for accurate monitoring and to ensure achievement of best possible results.

You will have swelling, bruising, and discomfort after buttocks implant. The pain and discomfort gets controlled by medications prescribed by your surgeon. Instructions are guidelines are also provided to you, so you can take proper care and see faster recovery.

Your first two weeks will be difficult. You will not be allowed to, especially for the first two weeks and even after that, you will be advised to sit as little as possible. Your routine activities will not be the same, at least and strictly for 4 to 6 weeks. If you are working, you will need at least 21 days off from office.

Buttocks augmentation surgery or even other surgeries require high level of commitment. You should be mentally ready to show devotion. You will have a lot of restrictions and more discomfort, you recovery will depend a lot on you taking proper care and giving yourself time. You should remember one thing, the results of your surgery depend on your surgeon and then on you.

Follow post surgical instructions of your surgeon. The surgery does lat for 2 hours but any carelessness in following the guidelines will result in failure, infection, and even loss of implants.

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