Are There Health Benefits of Sleeping on a Japanese-Style Futon?

Majority of the people curiously question how sleeping on a hard rock mattress can be any good for health. For those kinds, it can be very unconventional and strange to understand because they have the cheap student futons of college in mind, or else, they consider futons as endurance for tough times on pockets.

Let’s clear this first off; Japanese futons are not the college student mattresses. Authentic Japanese futons are 100% cotton handmade beds by skilled craftsmanship. They might be firm and considered hard but Japanese have been sleeping on them for centuries. They believe that nothing can provide a great night’s sleep-but futons.

For locals,traditional Japanese futon bed is one of the six health secrets. Japanese have a simple lifestyle and sleep on futons, which and more are the reasons why they have healthy, fresh, and young looking skins. You won’t have any local complaining of a headache or high blood pressure after waking up on a futon mattress.

Futon beds were once a cultural norm of Japanese only, but are now famous in America. However, traditional Japanese futon mattresses still differ from the western mix. Original Japanese futon is filled with 100% cotton and can sometimes contain silk (depending on how much you want to spend), but the western-traditional fusion has a variety the fillings.

You can now have custom made futon beds according to your desired measurements and comfort level. The comfort level of a mattress despite additive advantages is still subjective and therefore, the softness can vary as per choice. Futon beds might be hard but the Japanese futons have many health benefits.

There might not be hard core studies supporting the fact, yet it is believed that a firm mattress is better for back then regular foam mattresses. For more health benefits of futon, read below.

Health Benefits of Japanese Style Futons

  • Futon mattress is firm and unlike a soft mattress, sleeping on a futon keeps the joints in right position. It won’t let them become loose or sag. According to Osteopaths, sagging of joints can lead to overstretching and can result in backache.
  • Continuous sleeping on a soft mattress will cause elongated stretching of joints. This result in lengthening of collagen fiber which protects them, end result can be a cricked neck or a bad back.
  • Since futons can be placed on wooden slab, this can be beneficial as; better air circulation of futon mattress, preventing the moisture to retain in the mattress, and will reduce the sweating of the body.
  • We know that while sleeping we lose a pound of our skin; this turns into dust and falls off on our beds. The mattresses become breeding ground for dust mites, molds, and bed bugs. People who are sensitive to dust allergies including asthmatic can stay free from getting their conditions worse. The wooden slabs under the futons allow complete air circulation, thus lowering the chances of such health biohazards to accumulate.
  • Traditional Japanese futon beds are aired and hanged out in the sun for few hours occasionally. This futon care routine helps in preventing any contamination of dust mites and molds, leaving futons hygienic.
  • The regular beds cannot be moved much or aired, moreover they can also contain toxins and that can exacerbate asthma and skin allergies. Whereas, authentic Japanese futon sets are made from natural fibers, making them a perfect choice for kids and other age groups.
  • A good night’s sleep can wake you fresh in morning which can keep you active and in control for routine activities, futon health benefits are plenty to bring proper sleep.

Research shows that a good bed is more effective than taking sleeping pills. For comfort conscious people, good news is the western fusion of futon beds. They can now be filled with your own choice of filling, varying from foam to silk or cotton. The thickness of a futon is also customizable and for adding more cushioning, there are more options.

Tatami mat which is usually added along with futons help in adding cushion and making futon beds softer. Moreover, futon covers and futon set including kakebutons and makura’s add the remaining essentials of a complete bed with a choice of contemporary to traditional designs and colors. You can now, not only enjoy great sleep, good heath, but can also match futons with your room interior.

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