Easy Skateboard Tricks: 10 Expert Backed Tricks for Healthy Exercise

1. Nose Pick Up

The nose pick up is one of the simplest pick-up tricks of the skateboard. If you’ve learned any pick-up tricks already, this should be a piece of cake for you.

Follow these instructions to perform the Nose Pick Up-

  • While rolling, take the back foot off your skateboard
  • Apply pressure on the nose of the board with the tip of your front foot. This will flip the board from behind.
  • When the tail pops up, grab the board with your hands.

To make it perfect, practice the trick while you’re standing still. Once you’ve mastered it while standing, start practicing it while rolling.

2. Nose Stall

The Nose Stall, aka the Nosebleed is one of the simplest yet popular tricks in skateboarding. To do a Nose Stall, you need a curb that has an edge. The basic idea of the trick is to utilize the nose of the skateboard and balance yourself on the top of that curb.

Here’s how you’ll do it-

  • Roll in the direction of the curb
  • While you’re on the curb, apply pressure to the tail of the skateboard. This will lift the nose upwards.
  • As you reach the top of the curb, apply pressure on the nose and lock it onto the edge of the curb with your front foot.
  • Push the tail with your back foot, place the board on the curb and roll away.

3. Tic Tac

If you’re familiar with snowboarding, then this trick will be easy for you to learn. For performing this trick, you’ll need to utilize your shoulders in order to maneuver your body and steer the board left and right in a wavy pattern. This trick can also help you enhance your s steering.

To do the Tic Tac, follow the instructions below.

  • Create a momentum by moving your shoulders. Channel that momentum with pressure into your hips and then into your feet.
  • Apply weight onto the tail of the board and use that momentum to steer left and right.

4. Ollie

Ollie is one of the basic tricks you can do with a skateboard. However, you still need to be comfortable on your board to perform this trick. To do the Ollie, you have to master 2 things; popping & dragging.

“Popping” is the part where you lift the front side of the skateboard and “Dragging” means simply moving your front foot towards the nose of your skateboard. Still confused? Just follow these steps-

  • For popping, apply pressure on the edge of the skateboard (the tail) with your back foot. Make sure to apply enough force so that the board is lifted up in the air.
  • Now drag the front foot towards the nose of the skateboard. Make sure that the skateboard sticks to both of your feet while it’s in the air.
  • Once your front foot is at the edge, apply pressure with the front foot to land safely and just keep riding.
    To perform the perfect Ollie, you need to make sure that the popping and dragging is timed right.

5. Nollie

The Nollie is basically the exact opposite of the Ollie. So, instead of using your back foot, you use your front foot for popping up the board. However, the Nollie is a much harder trick to learn than the Ollie. You’ll need more practice and patience for this one.

To perform the Nollie, follow these instructions-

  • Push your front foot towards the nose of your skateboard and apply enough force so that it pops up in the air.
  • When your skateboard is in the air, simply push your back foot to the tail of the board. Make sure both of your feet are touching the skateboard the whole time you’re in the air.
  • Balance the skateboard using both feet and land safely.

6. The Hippie Jump

This trick requires an obstacle like a bench or a low railing. The idea is to guide the skateboard underneath that obstacle as the skater jumps over it and lands on the board safely. If this trick is executed perfectly, it’s a joy to the eye.

Here’s how you’ll perform the Hippie Jump-

  • Roll towards the obstacle. As it gets close, give a little push to your skateboard so that it rolls through the gaps underneath that obstacle.
  • Jump over that obstacle as soon as you push your board
  • Land safely on the board with both feet and roll away with style.

You’ll need to practice the timing of your jump and the landing before you can perform the Hippie Jump with perfection.

7. Acid Drop

This is another simple yet popular trick of the skateboard. During this trick, a skater pops the board while rolling and catches it in midair. Then the skater swings the board forward and jumps onto it to start rolling again.

To do the Acid Drop, follow these instructions-

  • While rolling, put pressure on the tail and pop the board like in the ollie.
  • Grab onto the nose of your board as it pops upwards and place both feet on the ground.
  • Swing the skateboard in front of yourself
  • As the skateboard comes down, jump and land onto it.

8. Rail Stand

The Rail Stand is an eye-catching trick that everyone loves. It has a four-step process. It can be identified as an intermediate level skateboarding trick.

To execute a rail stand, follow these steps-

  • Apply pressure with both feet and flip the board. Use the heel of your front foot on one side and the toe of your back foot on another while applying pressure.
  • When the board flips, the heel of your front foot will already be on top of the rail.
  • While you’re comfortably standing on the rail by your front foot, bring the other foot down onto the rail.
  • Now all you need is a simple push and you’ll be back on top of your skateboard again.

Try practicing this trick while holding onto something. This may take some time before you get the hang of it.

9. Front Side 50-50 Grind

The Front Side 50-50 Grind is one of the easiest grind tricks of the skateboard. Though it looks very challenging and tough, you’ll find this trick easier to learn than other grind tricks.

However, it is still an intermediate level trick and you’ll only be able to do it if you’ve mastered basic tricks like the Ollie. The idea is to grind on objects like a curb or a ledge.

To do a Front Side 50-50 Grind, follow these simple steps-

  • First, you need to execute an Ollie onto the object, for instance; a ledge.
  • When you land on top of the object, lock one side of the wheels on the corner of that object.
  • Use the trucks of your skateboard to slide all the way to the end of the object and get off.

To make the trick perfect, practice all the steps separately.

10. 180 No Comply

The 180 No Comply is a cool intermediate skateboarding trick that you can learn easily. It allows you to switch sides while skating with style. However, it’s not an easy trick by any means.

Follow these instructions for performing a 180 No Comply-

  • Place your front foot in a position where it can easily step off the board.
  • Put your back foot on the tail and apply pressure from one side so that you can get some spin on it.
  • While it spins, place your front foot on the ground and keep your back foot on the same side it was on the board.
  • After the board spins, your back foot will be on the front side of the board, which means you’ve already switched sides. So, your back foot will become your front foot now.
  • Place the other foot on the back side and keep riding forward.

Though this trick is a bit difficult to perform, you’ll get the hang of it after several days of practice.

Hopefully, this guide will add a whole new experience when you ride on the best complete skateboard. Remember- practice makes everything perfect. So, practicing these tricks till you master is recommended! And, of course, use a helmet before a ride!

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