Good & Healthy Toilet Habits

It’s our nature to use the toilet without thinking much about it. That’s why we often bring some bad and unhygienic habits along with toilet visits. These bad habits could harm your body in one way or another. So, you should always try to adopt and practice good toilet habits. Some of them are given below for you.

1. Go to the toilet with a full bladder

Most of the people have the habit of going to the toilet every now and then. Though their bladder is not full and they don’t have any pressure they go due to their habit. This habit can develop problems in your body as you are training the bladder to go even when it is not necessary. You should go only when your bladder is full.

2. Don’t rush

You should not start and finish in a haste because it is unhealthy for your body. Give yourself enough time while passing a bowel movement or urinating. Creating too much pressure on the pelvic area can weaken muscles and cause incontinence. Using the toilet in a haste can be the reason for you to not clean yourself properly which is unhygienic and harmful for your body. Also, flush well so there is no waste left to spread diseases. No doubt only the best flushing toilets could help you in this regard.

3. Bladder retraining practice

Many people face the problem of going to the toilet with less urine appearance each time. To prevent this problem, bladder retraining practice can be useful. In this process, you have to hold the need to urinate for a while and progress longer stretches. After this, you may go to the toilet for longer stretches without going again and again.

4. Don’t get constipated

To avoid constipation, you should drink plenty of liquid or water and eat foods that are rich in fiber. Go to the toilet only if you feel the necessity of passing a bowel movement. If you get constipated, go to your doctor first and make changes in the daily diet to avoid this in future.

5. Use proper posture on the toilet

It may sound strange to use the proper posture on the toilet, but it is important. You may be wondering what I meant by “proper posture.” well, many specialists recommend to use a stool under your feet while you are passing a bowel movement that makes it easier. This also helps to set you in a squatting position that makes you more comfortable.

6. Don’t bring the phone inside

Bringing the phone in the toilet and spending more time there has become a bad habit of today’s youth. By doing this you are contaminating your phone with bacteria and germs. This also makes you less mindful of what is going around you. Moreover, taking too much time in the toilet can cause problems for people who are in need of going to the bathroom. Your phone may slip and fall on the toilet surface. That’s why it is best not to use the phone in the toilet.

7. Wash and dry your hands

You do need to wash your hands properly after using the bathroom, especially if you want to keep yourself safe from viruses, infections and diarrheal diseases. If you don’t, this could affect those around you. So, it is important to wash your hands properly or sanitize them after using the toilet to kill germs and bacteria.

We do need to protect ourselves from germs and bacteria, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why it has become a necessity to make good toilet habits part of your living. This can help alleviate your worries in the long run.

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