How Gluten Free Diet Can Make You Fitter And Slimmer

Being weight conscious, you must have been avoiding food items that encourage getting additional pounds. However, did you know a protein called gluten can also contribute a lot to weight gain? Gluten is actually made up of several proteins and it is found in most staple foods.

Weight-loss and a diet lacking gluten: The connection

Studies have shown that with gluten free diet weight loss is possible. The food items, which cannot become a part of your gluten-free weight loss plan at all, are grains, wheat, barley, and rye. Pastas naturally contain gluten. Hence, you should exercise caution while choosing this item for your weight-loss diet.

A diet devoid of gluten includes fruits and vegetables abundantly. Therefore, the benefits of gluten free diet are numerous. Apart from losing extra pounds, your body will also go through complete detoxification with this diet. You will not only become slimmer but also gain a natural glow.

With no-gluten diet weight loss is imminent because of the lack of carbohydrates in these foods. Hence, overweight individuals can achieve their ideal weight by eating foods that have an absence of gluten in them.

Reality check: Not every gluten free food can make way to your gluten free diet plan

Every no-gluten item is not a suitable candidate for your weight loss plan. Though gluten-free foods may not contain carbohydrates, many of them do have sugars in high content. Therefore, choosing foods that have low sugars and no gluten at all have better chances of helping you in getting in shape.

Nowadays, the supermarkets are hoarded with products that promise weight loss through various no gluten shakes and bars. Consuming these products is a good option for you, if you lead a busy life. However, some of these items may have a substantial amount of caramel, colors, additives and preservatives. You will get better results if you care to forgo such products.

Who else can benefit from a gluten free diet?

A diet devoid of gluten is a great option for those people too, who are suffering from celiac disease. This disease is also known as Gluten-sensitive enteropathy and Gluten Sensitivity.

In celiac disease, the small intestine becomes incapable of absorbing nutrients from the consumed food. Studies have revealed that the food containing gluten irritates the intestine. Consequently, the affected person becomes weaker and suffers from acute lack of nutrition.

Is gluten-free diet healthy?

For people, whose small intestines agree with gluten will not find any typical health benefits from gluten-less diet. Such a diet does not have any direct nutritional value. However, for people, who are intolerant towards gluten, a diet plan that lacks this protein will prove beneficial.

This diet helps people who are suffering from Gluten Sensitivity by encouraging the small intestine to absorb nutrients for the body. Consequently, because of the no gluten diet, the person becomes healthier and more energetic.

Fighting Gluten-sensitive enteropathy

If you have been diagnosed that you are sensitive to gluten, it becomes imperative for you to follow a specific diet for maintaining a fabulous health. You should include lots of fruits and vegetables in your meals.

With increasing number of people being diagnosed with Gluten Sensitivity, it is no longer difficult to stick to a no gluten diet and enjoy a satisfying meal every day. A variety of breads and pastas are available now, which are made with gluten-free ingredients.

Adjusting to gluten free weight loss plan

Shifting to a diet containing gluten free foods will be a big change in your mind and body. Whether you wish to cure celiac disease or lose pounds by following a gluten free diet plan, you will have to focus on the changes that your body goes through. In case of any complication, feel free to see a physician right away.

It is quite clear that gluten is found in most of the regular food items. Now, when you follow the gluten loss diet, you may deprive your body of the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients unless you consciously include alternatives. Consulting a dietician before beginning this diet is a brilliant idea. It would ease the transformation from gluten to a non-gluten diet that is equally healthy.

Contamination leading to low rate of success

Despite consuming no gluten diet weight loss may become difficult. Many of the products that are available in the market may not be fully gluten free. Therefore, read the list of ingredients before making a purchase to rule out the presence of gluten in the products.

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