How to get started with being eco-friendly and sustainable with my child

Parents and schools have the most precious power that is capable of revolutionizing the world — Educating the young to make them an independent decision-maker, kind to the environment and fellow beings. With the pandemic, so many important things have finally taken center stage. This made all of us realize how the planet is a dire need, no, wait, how we are in the dire need to save Earth. We have less time, and it is of absolute importance we take steps and also impart knowledge on the younger generations who will lead in the future.

Practice reducing, reusing and recycling and involve your child in it. Use organic baby clothes for your baby. From placing waste in the correct bin to composting to DIYs, by involving children, you are making it a habit for them that they will follow everywhere. When you practice something, it gets assimilated faster and it works the same for children too. It teaches them the value of nature and ways to protect it. Choosing clothes with organic cotton is a great way to start a sustainable lifestyle.

So here are some pointers that will help you raise an Eco-conscious child.


Spend time with nature:

Don’t make the mistake of teaching kids about nature through mobile phones and laptops. I remember playing in a park near my house as a kid along with my friends. Recently when the park had no one to look after and became dry, my friends and I took the responsibility of reviving it. It was actually not much work as we started it early and did it in groups. We all should ensure our children play outdoors and learn the importance of nature so that they will take action when needed.

Spending time with nature, and playing with your buddies helps in making friendships understand nature and its resources. It is easy to get children to play outside, but as they grow, it gradually reduces. As parents or teachers, you can ensure that they are involved in sports or any activity that is outdoor.

Raising a pet is also known to help kids develop empathy, allows them to practice selflessness and increase their sense of responsibility.


There are numerous volunteering activities around you—participate in one of your choice or kid’s choice. If there’s none happening, maybe you should consider starting one. Your kid needs to learn selflessness. Volunteering will help with getting that quality.

Litter less lunches:

Might be hard to do it every day as a parent. It is totally understandable. Try as much as possible to pack food in reusable containers. Your child will own it proudly. Make sure to tell him why you are doing it and the benefits of it. Although your child might not enjoy reusable containers sometimes, you can always sit them and explain the importance of sustainability to keep them involved. This will help the kid to engage in a conversation with their friends on sustainability too.

Organic clothing:

Organic clothing is not just sustainable but is also healthy for children. Conventional clothing is manufactured with tons of chemicals and these chemicals are harmful to the environment and to ones wearing it. Choose clothes that are sourced ethically and engage your child in a conversation on how you pick clothes. This will lay a foundation on sustainability very early on. You can choose brands that GOTS certified like Tiny Twig, H&M kids. Etc.

Books Books and more books:

Reading is impactful and there’ no debate on that. What your child reads shapes his thoughts and knowledge. Even if they don’t have time, parents are opting for activity centers where their child can listen to stories and read a few. Parents sometimes find it difficult to make their kids understand the complex subject of being sustainable. Kids understand it better when told using simple terms. After your child reads the book ask them what was their takeaway from the story. It is vital for you to keep their thoughts aligned with the goal.


I am Lana Murpy, a post-graduate in humanities and communications, and an inquisitive person who loves writing. My forte is digital marketing and everything that has to do with phones and screens. I’m working for Tiny Twig . I am someone who believes that one person can make a change and that’s precisely why I took up writing which is the best tool to communicate these days. I have a decade of experience in writing and marketing.

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