The Ultimate Guide to CrossFit for Beginners

Are you looking to challenge yourself in the fitness game? Do you want to shake things up after sticking to the good workout regimen for a while? CrossFit, which essentially means everything but Cross(ing)Fit(ness), is your best bet.

What is CrossFit?

Developed in 2000 by retired Navy SEAL Greg Glassman, CrossFit has been the rage in the fitness industry for the last few years. It is a type of training and a competitive sport. Pushing your limits by increasing the intensity of your workout is the motto of this exercise format.

What to keep in mind before starting with CrossFit?

CrossFit requires a lot of effort in a short period. Feeling exhausted the way you haven’t ever before is normal. You will be losing fat and building muscle in the process provided you compliment that with a good diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Equipment for CrossFit


You don’t need any machines to get started. Shoes with flat soles for good form, jump rope, some weights such as kettlebells and dumbbells, and a positive mental approach is all you will need to begin your very first CrossFit session. Once you are comfortable with the basics, you can safely start with other CrossFit gym equipment.

You can join a CrossFit Box or get started at home.

If you have barely exercised much, a CrossFit box (gym) is preferable as having a good form during your exercises is very important. A CrossFit instructor can help you get started with the basics then you can move your way up. If you have at least a little confidence that you can do the workouts in a good form, CrossFit workouts at home are a good place to begin. But, if you wish to have the best of both the worlds, you can get an instructor/class to train you at your home.

You should not be at the peak of your fitness to start.

Five-time CrossFit games winner Mathew Fraser started somewhere, you can too. Your dream body is the end goal and not the entry criteria.

You will be overwhelmed at the beginning. But, don’t get discouraged.

You may notice your legs shaking, heart burning and mind giving up. As beginners, it is crucial to start gradually and increase intensity as you progress. On the other hand, people often overdo it with CrossFit. Always listen to your body.

CrossFit is not a cult but a camp for adults.

A CrossFit box is more than a gym. It is a community of people you will help you bring your A-game. Choosing the people you learn from and work out with is a very crucial but often overlooked step. These will be the people who will define whether you bring your heart and soul to the workout or just your body.

Remember, consistency is key.

In order to see the benefits of this dynamic workout regimen, you need to be consistent rather than burning yourself out in the first few sessions. Consistency is vital in not only in workouts but also in your nutrition plan and rest.

Smart work is prioritizing rest and recovery.

CrossFit is easy to be hooked on once you get in the flow. But, always remember that you need to have a good night’s sleep and a day off every week to recover. This will not only help your muscles to rebuild but also help you to get back stronger and more determined.

Crossfit benefits can be reaped by people of all ages. A word of caution to keep in mind is CrossFit, if not done properly possesses a risk of injury. You can get started with tried and tested CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) to make yourself comfortable with this exciting form of exercise.

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