Lemon Water With Honey For Weight Loss

Drinking lemon water with honey in the morning for weight loss is the perfect drink to start your weight loss journey. If you want to be the most beneficial, you should try a glass of warm honey lemon water for weight loss on an empty stomach like a wake-up drink. No drink has a magic cure like honey lemon water to make easier your weight loss journey. Also, you can enjoy the drink at any time of the day but if your goal is to lose weight, it’s best for you to take the drink chilled as well as at an empty stomach in the morning.

This honey lemon drink has so many benefits like it contains extremely low calories, it’s a flavorful drink and refreshing drink as well, it has no artificial sweeteners, the complete combination of health-boosting vital nutrients. Also, it’s a refreshing and flavorful drink and you can enjoy it both warm and cold as well.

And the best part is that you can make the recipe at your home just like you make your other favorite recipes using regular kitchen stuffs such as oven, bread machine, pancake griddle and many more.

How To Prepare Lemon Water With Honey For Weight Loss?


  1. Raw honey
  2. Lemon water
  3. Cold or warm water


  • First of all, boil the water to reach a lukewarm state
  • Add one small lemon juice into the water
  • Add two tablespoons of organic honey
  • Now, stir the mixture and enjoy your drink.

Tips To Get Better Results Of Drinking Lemon Water

  • Use the honey from a reputed brand or trusted source to avoid fake honey as you will need raw, organic and pure honey for your drink.
  • Take a break for about 30 minutes at least after drinking honey and lemon water to get the best results.
  • Use a small amount of jaggery if your sweet tooth is not satisfied with the sweetness of your drink. But never use sugar instead.

Reasons Why Lemon and Honey Make a Great Weight Loss Drink

1. To Lower Your cholesterol

To lower cholesterol levels and to lose weight naturally then honey is an amazing home remedy to do so. Honey mobilizes the extra fat in your body. It allows the extra fat to be used as energy for regular activities and also, purifies your blood as well. Without the loss of appetite and energy, fasting on lemon-juice and honey is highly beneficial in the treatment of obesity.

2. It’s Easy To Make

To make this extraordinary natural cure, add two teaspoons of lemon juice with one teaspoon of raw (unheated) honey in a glass of a little bit warm water. Try this remedy every morning as a wake-up drink on an empty stomach. You should also take this every time after you have a big and oily meal. This is a very effective digestive and detox tonic and easy to make as well.

3. Help You To Get Ride OF Fat Deposits

To relieve you of your weight problem, going on lemon and honey diet can help you a lot. Actually, obesity is the condition of your body where extra deposits of fat takes place in your heart, kidneys, joints like knees, hips and ankles, liver, tissues and therefore, people who have overweight are susceptible to various disease such as high blood pressure, liver and gall bladder disorders, arthritis and diabetes.

4. Better for Digestion and Cleansing – Warm Water is The Best

A glass of lemonade definitely quenches thirst and does help to beat the heat on a hot day and also, helps you to bring more refreshments after a grueling workout. But warm water helps you in cleansing your system, especially in the morning before breakfast. Also, your metabolism gets a kick-start for efficient fat burning and consequently supports your weight loss overall.

Other Benefits Of Lemon Water With Honey For Weight Loss

Drinking honey lemon water helps you lose your weight but drinking honey lemon water has several other benefits like:

  • It cures cough and cold
  • Lighten up your skin
  • Prevent kidney stones and heart disease
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Boosts your energy level
  • Controls your blood pressure
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Remedy for anti-constipation
  •  Cause liver detoxification

The benefits of drinking honey lemon have no limits. It’s the best drink for your refreshment, healthy as well as delicious. If your goal is to lose your weight, it’s best to take lemon water with honey for weight loss. But you can take it as a regular drink because it has so many benefits as stated above that you’ll get. You can drink it on a regular basis and you already know the benefits, right?

When ever you want refreshment or just want to drink a tasty, delicious drink, lemon water with honey would be the better drinking option to go.

Please let me know what you think and share if you have any suggestions, problems or opinions, you are always welcome. I would love to hear from amazing people like you.

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