How To Prevent Body Odor

Changes in the amount of perspiration, and more or less shows a lack of sweating, there is a health problem. Smell of sweat can be a chronic disease, medication, certain foods, stress or excessive secretion of hormones to come.
Human exposure to various reasons such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, exercise, and sweat Azzrab and only this condition is not bad, but is also a sign of health.

How do we sweat?

Sweating to cool the body in order to fix the maximum temperature is 37 degrees. Usually with the sweating process in hot and humid environment, exercise, or fever may be active.

Ability to sweat, which makes it possible for humans to live in different climates.

Two types of human sweat called “Pvkrayn” and “Akryn” to discharge.

Akryn sweat to lower body temperature, when exercising or when the weather is too hot, is used. The sweat is secreted in all parts of the body evenly and is odorless.

Pvkrayn is a special type of body fluids in special areas such as armpits, Kshalhhay thighs, arms and legs can be created. The origin of the smell of sweat, nasty body. But Pvkrayn Akryn quite as fat and protein and is odorless.
The disposal of food and disgusting and the stench of this issue arises.

Causes body odor


Bath not correct: the reason for the emergence of the odor of sweat is not enough bathrooms. It just is not enough body wash, clean clothes Vtmyzy is also very effective.

Excessive sweating: body odor, some people are faster and that may be due to excessive stress or physical activity is more common these days is stress. High expectations, work schedules and compressed natural anxiety on the body that cause excessive sweating is more. Children usually do not sweat, bad breath because the body does not secrete Pvkrayn, so bacteria can not interact with anything. With elevated levels of testosterone in the body during puberty, may also release Pvkrayn.

Imbalance in the metabolism and cause perspiration odor is strong.

Eating: the consumption of certain foods can also affect body odor, the smell of food, poignant and penetrating a large effect on bad body odor. Such as garlic, onions, cumin and spices. Zinc deficiency in the body can also be effective in this regard.
In warm seasons of clothes made of cotton yarn or cotton or use. These are the clothes, the sweat to evaporate. The nylon or plastic clothes cause sweat to remain on the skin and thus can cause bad breath.

But how bad breath can be destroyed due to sweating?

  • Bathing and washing clothes in a timely manner can be a good start.
  • Reduce consumption of caffeine-containing substances such as coffee, chocolate, soda, etc. .. These substances stimulate the thyroid gland in Pvkrayn affect body odor.
  • Drink plenty of water and liquids, which activates the sweat glands secreting Akryn Pvkrayn is thinner and thus caused.
  • Deodorants and antiperspirant use causes at least 20 percent of standard rates to reduce sweating in a region. The purpose of the use of antiperspirant and odor, is an increasing health.

Most deodorants only cover body odor, but also Dyvdvranthayy who are against the elements. Deodorants due to skin oils are fragrant, but do not have a role in sweating rate, so in addition to the antiperspirant materials (such as Mother) is also required.

  • Always keep your armpits clean and tidy with an antibacterial soap to wash your armpits. This reduces the amount of bacteria in the skin and thus reduce odor.
  • After bathing, the armpit of a special powder (available at pharmacies) can be used. This powder keeps it dry armpit.
  • Wear clothes made of cotton or linen or cotton. These are the clothes, the sweat evaporates. The nylon or plastic clothes cause sweat to remain on the skin and thus can cause bad breath.
  • You can use home treatment. Vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial substance that can reduce moisture and odor.

If your body odor with sweat any of the above methods did not need to see a specialist. Severe cases are probably caused by a disease that should be treated

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