8 Steps You Should Know For a Healthier Senior Lifestyle

You may be getting older, but that doesn’t mean you have to get old!

There are so many different ways to keep old age at bay so that you can feel younger every day.

Here are eight health tips you should follow to have a healthier senior lifestyle!

1) Stay Active


You can keep your body feeling healthier for longer by staying active.

Physical activity boosts the number of oxygen-rich cells in your brain, which improves memory! It can also improve energy levels and strengthen your heart – as well as burn extra calories, of course!

As you get older, it is recommended that people do less impactful activities, such as running and jumping, and more low-impact exercises, such as walking and swimming.

2) Get Plenty of Rest


Getting enough sleep is essential when it comes to feeling good and looking young.

If you struggle to fall asleep, try not drinking caffeine late in the day and avoid watching TV in bed. If you’re having trouble sleeping because of pain, try applying ice packs to painful areas, using a heating pad, or taking an over-the-counter sleep aid.

Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night for the best results, but even if you can only sleep six hours per night, it will still be helpful!

3) Stay Hydrated


Getting enough water is another key element of feeling great and looking young. Sixty percent of your body is made up of water, so staying hydrated can improve heart health and circulation, which keeps your skin looking its best.

It also helps to fight off diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes!

Try to drink at least 12 glasses of water each day, but if you feel like you need more than that, go for it! The best way to tell if you’re hydrated is simple: when your urine is clear or a very pale yellow, you know you’ve had plenty of water. If it is dark yellow, drink a glass of water and wait for a half-hour. If it’s still dark yellow, have another glass!

4) Keep Connected


Keeping up with friends is one of the most important health tips for a healthy senior lifestyle.

Regular social interactions are linked to living longer, having healthier hearts, and improved cognitive function (which helps you make decisions and think clearly). In fact, a Harvard study found that people who are isolated from others have a 50% increased chance of premature death!

Stay in touch with family and friends by calling, writing letters, or visiting with them in person.

5) Stress Less


Stress has a way of being contagious – so, if you have a friend or loved one who tends to stress out easily, try not to let it affect you!

By letting go of stressful thoughts and finding ways to manage stress in your life, you can keep yourself from aging faster than necessary.

Take the scenic route every once in a while, have a spa day, or try taking a yoga class. Take time to relax by watching your favorite shows or even trying a new one like Lifetime’s Military Makeover or Netflix’s Squid Game!

6) Protect Your Skin


When it comes to protecting your skin, you don’t need to spend a fortune on the newest cosmetics and lotions.

Eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep all help to keep your skin looking healthier for longer! You can also apply lotion to keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

For extra protection, make sure to wear hats, scarves, or sunscreen when you are going outside. Sun damage is no joke, so take care of your skin to help it look better for longer!

7) Eat Healthy Food


There is no miracle food that can stop you from aging, but some things definitely promote longevity.

Keep your body full of nutrients by eating healthy foods! Try to eat fruits and vegetables at every meal, drink plenty of water throughout the day, try not to snack on junk food, and keep your sodium intake under control.

If you are struggling to meet nutritional requirements, you can also try taking vitamins when necessary.

8) Schedule Checkups

Three senior women in the kitchen measuring blood pressure at the table before having coffee

No one likes going to the doctor’s office, but scheduling regular checkups is essential for both your physical and mental health.

Make sure to schedule a checkup with your primary care physician at least once a year or more often if you have a chronic condition. This way, your doctor can check for signs of any chronic conditions and keep track of the medications you are taking.


By following these 8 simple health tips, you can keep your mind and body feeling great for longer. There is no reason to age faster than you have to! Try these tips today, and let us know which one is your favorite.
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