What Is The Best Exercise For Knee Pain Relief?

Are you struggling with knee pain? It doesn’t matter if you are a weekend walker or a competitive athlete; struggling with knee pain can restrict your ability in your daily life activities. Knee pain is one of the most common issues that people of all age groups complain of. Knee pain is caused by the overuse of joints or doing over activities, an injury, being overweight, or maintaining a sedentary lifestyle. There are several other causes of knee pain, including bursitis, tendonitis, and meniscus tears. The best thing is that there are numerous ways to treat knee pain. Among all the several options available for the treatment of knee pain, physical therapy is considered the most effective and ideal way to overcome the issue of knee pain.

Knee pain is also considered the most common orthopedic condition for people that makes them seek medical treatment. Knee pain includes the pain behind or around the kneecap and the knee joints while running, walking, climbing, and carrying a heavy load. It is essential to prevent the cause of knee pain, and this could be achieved by performing physical activities. If you avoid taking proper treatment, your knee pain can linger for years and persist for long, restricting your movement. Make sure to rely on knee pain relief to avail one of the best treatments for better relief from knee pain.

The best exercise to access knee pain relief:


We all know that exercise is considered the best way to overcome any kind of pain. In the case of knee pain, you can easily access pain relief by performing the proper exercise under the supervision of a physical therapist. They will give you the proper guidance. You need to consult your physical therapist, who can work with you to address your knee pain. After a thorough clinical evaluation, your physical therapist, who is well trained in their specific field, will design a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan to address the specific factors that lead to knee pain. They may examine your joints and affect areas by performing x-rays to know the actual cause. There are numerous exercises available for the treatment of knee pain which are specifically designed to reduce pain and also help to enhance your ability to participate in daily life activities. A few of the common exercises that provide knee pain relief is:


  • You can perform this exercise in your comfort zone. To begin the process, you need to lay on the side and provide proper support to your neck with the help of a pillow and towel roll.
  • Firstly you need to bend your knees toward the direction of your chest and make sure to keep your back in a straight position. It is also recommended to keep your feet aligned with your body.
  • Now make sure to keep your hips straight and do not allow your body to roll in the forward direction.
  • You will have to pause the process briefly and gradually lower your knee back down to the ground.
  • Make sure to perform this exercise about ten times on each leg. You can do three sets once per day to treat your knee pain.

Leg extensions:

This exercise is very effective and ensures great relief from knee pain. It is important to know that using your body instead of a Weighted machine will help you strengthen your quadriceps. This will help to keep the added pressure off your knees. To perform this exercise, you need to begin with the following steps.

  • It is important to sit upright in a chair to begin the further process of leg extension
  • Make sure to put your feet flat on the ground and keep them hip-width apart.
  • Now you need to look straight ahead and then contract your thigh muscles. Make sure to extend your one leg as high as possible without raising your buttocks off the chair.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds.
  • After that, lower to the starting position.
  • It is suggested to perform this exercise with three sets of 10 repetitions for each leg to get better results.

The bottom line

Now that you know that knee pain is one of the most common ailments that people complain of, stretching exercises and strengthening exercises play an important role in the case of knee pain. Physical therapy helps ease pain and also ensures an enhanced range of motion and overall flexibility. Make sure to book your appointment at knee pain relief Florence sc to access quality medical care and treatment. It is best to talk to a doctor or physical therapist before starting your remedies. This will help you to avoid any risk factors.

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