How to Create a Healthy Fitness Regime

Men and women lose weight differently, which can be frustrating for any female who has ever embarked on a health and fitness routine with a significant male other and found major discrepancies in how metabolisms differ. According to Discover, rather than make comparisons, women are much better served by setting attainable goals and looking for healthy ways to get into a happy and healthy physical, mental, and emotional state. OK Healthy Living is an exceptional resource for inspiration, valuable tips, and resources for living your healthiest, best life.

Be Realistic

Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by heavily photoshopped online photos of people who seemingly lost weight overnight with fad diets or outrageous exercise routines. According to Healthline, the best holistic health and fitness journeys are established on reasonable expectations and creating pathways to overall health rather than looking for quick fixes. That being said, some diets work better than others based on your lifestyle, preferences, and health status. Consult with your doctor if it has been a while since you embarked on a new health routine to ensure you don’t have any underlying health conditions, or to make sure you’re managing chronic conditions in an inappropriate way.

Plan Your Meals

Planning out healthy meals makes it much easier to stick to a healthy eating routine. It can prevent you from grabbing fast food or convenience comfort foods on the go, and you’ll actually have more time during the day because you’ll have your meals prepped and ready to go. Unless you have certain dietary restrictions, a diet that is rich in whole foods like whole grains, lean meat and dairy, and lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, and water is an excellent starting place. Reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol that you consume, and steer clear of energy drinks, particularly those that artificially increase your heart rate and may make it difficult for you to get restful sleep.

Do You Exercise You Enjoy

The best way to get into a regular physical fitness routine is to do things that you actually enjoy. This might mean biking with a group, hiking in a beautiful location, swimming, or even doing calisthenics in your living room along with an online video. A dance fitness class, kickboxing, yoga, or tai chi are all things that can help you not only get into better physical condition, but that can also aid in reducing your stress levels and help you with more mindful practices. If you need a little extra motivation, a fitness buddy or even a trainer at a local gym or health club can help you stay focused and on track with meeting your objectives. A fitness app or smartwatch can also help you monitor your progress.

Look Your Best

When you’re on a weight-loss journey, it can feel like some clothes are uncomfortable or unflattering. Do yourself a kindness and find a couple of different clothing items that are comfortable and look good, particularly for workouts. A new pair of leggings, a sports bra, or cross-training tennis shoes can be both comfortable, and make you look and feel great, which, according to Shape Magazine, can help encourage ongoing healthy behaviors. When you’re shopping for long-lasting and flattering workout clothes, look for leggings that are comfortable and made from durable fabric.

Men and women are quite different when it comes to nutrition and exercise needs, so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Instead, develop a regime that you actually enjoy, that makes you feel good, and that is realistic and attainable for achieving your goals. Your wellness objectives should be built around far-ranging healthy lifestyle changes rather than a number on a scale.

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